Workforce Development Action Team Identifies Key Strategies

Photo of TA Loving signing day ceremony. Students seated at table, signing on to work with the company, with company reps standing behind them.

The ATD Workforce Development Action Team met several times in August and September to develop an action plan for Priority 2: Workforce Development.

Key strategies in the action plan include the following:

  • Develop a marketing plan to increase enrollment in the Career Pathway programs that have low enrollment rates but high labor market demand
  • Centralize the Work-Based Learning program to increase the number of students and organizations participating in internships
  • Programs that are completing under the state excellence goal for first-time pass rates of students on certification and licensure exams will implement two or more new strategies for improving their completion rates

Discussion items were included in the action plan, most notably:

  • Revised Objective 3.2 to distinguish between apprenticeship and work-based learning. The terms apprenticeship, work-based learning, and internship are not synonymous and the data cited in the objective only pertains to work-based learning enrollment

The action plan was posted to the Achieving the Dream drive on Sept. 23.  Items from the plan may be included in PCC’s strategic plan.

About the Workforce Development Action Team

The members of the Workforce Development Action Team are Laurie Weston (co-chair), Kurt Simmons (co-chair), Arwen Parris, Reggie Baker and Jim Ensor. Its mission is to support the ongoing efforts of the ATD Core Team and committees with a particular focus on Priority 2: Workforce Development.