United Way Shows Its Appreciation for PCC’s Longtime Support

Pitt County United Way Board member Stephanie Hinnant presents a certificate of appreciation to PCC President Lawrence Rouse on behalf of the charitable organization. Joining United Way representatives for the presentation were PCC faculty and staff members who have led fundraising drives on campus over the years in support of the local charity.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt County United Way representatives visited Pitt Community College Feb. 14 to express their gratitude for the many years of support the college’s faculty and staff have shown their organization.

Each year, PCC holds a United Way fundraiser on campus. In the past 10 years, employees have raised $165,090 through those drives, making Pitt one of the charitable organization’s top-10 “Decade of Giving” sponsors.

“Pitt County United Way is such an important part of our community, so it’s heartwarming to see how Pitt Community College employees have thrown their support behind the organization for such a long time,” PCC President Lawrence Rouse said. “The funds contributed by our faculty and staff have been used by United Way to do many good things for the people of Pitt County.”

Chaired by PCC instructor Don King, the college’s United Way Committee kicked off this year’s fundraising campaign on campus Feb. 14. The goal, King says, is to raise $15,000 before the drive ends on March 31.