VISIONS Career Development and Scholarship Program


The VISIONS Career Development and Scholarship Program was created in 2004. Herman Simon, the financial consultant for the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, wanted to develop a program to assist deserving Pitt County public high school students in need of financial support, educational mentoring, and career guidance. Simon’s concept led to a partnership between the Smith Family Foundation, the PCC Foundation, The Greater Greenville Community Foundation, and Pitt County Schools that resulted in the VISIONS program.

Students selected to participate in VISIONS receive a $1,000-scholarship per year ($500 from The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation and $500 from the PCC Foundation) to attend PCC. Funding is renewable with satisfactory progress toward completion of a program or degree and active participation in the VISIONS program.

Due to the success of the first VISIONS class of 27 students, which graduated in May 2005, funding has been increased over the years to allow more students to participate.

Applying to VISIONS

The program recruits new participants each fall and is now open to members of the Class of 2025. These high school juniors must download and complete an application (Word Document / PDF)  in order to be considered for VISIONS.

All applicants must also complete two “Teacher Recommendation” forms and submit them to PCC’s Jim Shallow (jeshallow743@my.pittcc.edu) and Katelynn Speas (kjspeas231@my.pittcc.edu).

Students interested in joining the VISIONS program can receive additional information from Career Development Coordinators at their respective Pitt County high schools.

Target Group

  • 2.0 – 3.2 grade point average
  • Planning to attend Pitt Community College
  • No discipline problems
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Eligible for in-state tuition
  • Pursuing a standard course of study high school diploma


High School Level

  • Provide summer career development opportunities to help students choose majors wisely
  • Mentor students through junior and senior year activities and classes
  • Provide tutors as needed
  • Provide assistance with the financial aid application and college admissions processes
  • Prepare students for the transition to Pitt Community College

College Level

  • Provide orientation to college
  • Advise students in choosing majors, classes, and activities
  • Continue mentoring students
  • Monitor performance and provide tutors and counseling as needed
  • Assist with resume preparation and job applications

Summer Institute

Each summer, VISIONS students representing all six Pitt County high schools visit the PCC campus to learn more about career and educational opportunities available to them in their own backyards.

The VISIONS Summer Institute, as it is called, provides new students in the program with valuable information to guide them through the final year of high school and into higher education. The goal is to give students insight on the college experience to help them fine-tune their academic plans and be prepared for higher education.

During their campus visit, students explore educational options, participate in hands-on instruction, and interact with instructors from each of the college’s five academic divisions. They also visit Greenville’s Grady-White Boats, which is owned by VISIONS benefactor Eddie Smith.

The institute also features assessments that help students identify their personal strengths and choose career pathways that best suit them. VISIONS staff are determined to help students build confidence and discover what they are passionate about in order to enjoy fulfilling lives.

What Makes the Difference?

  • Network of caring VISIONS staff, assisted by PCC Institutional Advancement staff who find answers, assistance and provide a “safety net”
  • Mentoring
  • Commitment to student success
  • Financial support for a college education

For More Information

Contact a Pitt County High School Career Development Coordinator

Ayden-Grifton – Constance Whitehurst – 252-746-4183
D.H. Conley – Natalie Evans – 252-756-3440
Farmville Central – Carla Jones – 252-753-5138
J.H. Rose – Cindy Bell – 252-321-3640
North Pitt – Shunyoung Razor– 252-825-0054
South Central – Emily Duke – 252-321-3232

Contact a PCC VISIONS Staff Member

Rebecca Warren
VISIONS Director
Office: 252-493-7831 or 252-493-7719
Email: rdwarren477@my.pittcc.edu

Gabby Rivas
VISIONS Administrative Assistant
Office: 252-493-7719
Email: ganavarro817@my.pittcc.edu

Steffen McGhee
VISIONS College Coordinator
Office: 252-493-7906
Email: samcghee630@my.pittcc.edu

Jim Shallow
VISIONS High School Coordinator
Office: 252-493-7239
Email: jeshallow743@my.pittcc.edu

Katelynn Speas
VISIONS High School Coordinator
Office: 252-493-7501
Email: kjspeas231@my.pittcc.edu


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