Transitional Studies Receives Federal Grant

The G.H. Leslie Building on PCC's main campus is home to the college's Transitional Studies Department.

WINTERVILLE—The Pitt Community College Transitional Studies Department has once again qualified for funding through the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, Title II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

PCC Transitional Studies Director Laurie Weston says the college could receive more than $1 million through the federal grant over the next four years, depending on funding availability. She said PCC had already received more than $400,000 through the program in 2021.

“This funding is offered as a competitive grant and is provided for a cycle of four years,” Weston said. “The most recent cycle for North Carolina adult literacy providers began in July of this year.”

Weston noted that PCC Transitional Studies has also qualified for Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education funding as well as its Prison Re-Entry Literacy Services component. She said the additional allotments would allow the college to expand services that further assist English Language Acquisition students and individuals the college is teaching at the Pitt County Detention Center through its partnership with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.