There’s Still Time to ‘Accelerate Your Future’ this Fall

Photo of PCC's Clock Tower with the Charles Russell Building in the background on a summer morning in August.

WINTERVILLE—A new semester may have already begun at Pitt Community College, but prospective students can still enroll in fall classes.

According to PCC Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Lori Preast, individuals have the option of signing up for delayed-start classes. The college, she explained, offers many 14-week, 12-week and eight-week classes that have not yet begun and have seats available.

“There is still time to accelerate your future this fall,” Preast said.

New students interested in taking delayed-start classes are asked to contact PCC Admissions Counselors by telephone at (252) 493-7245 or pcccounseling@email.pittcc.edu. They can also meet with Admissions Counselors in person by visiting Room 120 of the Craig F. Goess Student Center on Pitt’s main campus.

Current students may register from an approved SEP or contact their Success Navigator/Faculty Advisor.

Follow the instructions to view our late/delayed start classes.

To contact an Admissions Counselor in a specific academic division, refer to the staff directory on the Counseling Services web page.