Student Success Action Team Utilizing ‘Lens of Equity’ to Assess Progress

Group of smiling graduates wearing blue caps and gowns.

The Student Success Action Team had the opportunity to examine the data, insights, and many strategies discussed by the PCC community at various events, including the ATD Institutional Capacity Assessment, the Capacity Cafe discussions, and the many ATD group discussions regarding priority strategies held during the summer. Additionally, we met with our co-chairs and ATD coaches over the course of the last few months to discuss the best approach to the goals and objectives outlined in Priority One (Student Success) of PCC’s Strategic Plan.

We are proud to say that due to the outpouring of participation in the communication and foundational work by the PCC Community, the Student Success Action Team has outlined a variety of creative approaches for the themes found within the data. Our team continues to passionately work to assess what would bring the biggest impact to not only the ATD Action Plan, but also the living document that is the PCC Strategic Plan.

We are looking forward to further collaborating with you, our colleagues within the PCC Community, to utilize a lens of equity and student success to meet our goals of increasing student persistence and completion, as well as enhancing our efforts in providing quality, student-centered services and processes.

About the Student Success Action Team

Student Success Action Team members include Glynis Mullins (chair), Lori Cohens, Travis Kinsey and Danielle Poyner. Its mission is to support the ongoing efforts of the ATD Core Team and committees with a particular focus on Priority 1: Student Success.