***For general information as PCC operates remotely, please call our hotline at (252) 493-7245, M-Th, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Students seeking specific course information are advised to contact their instructors.***04

Student Entrances

Main entrance to Walter & Marie Williams Building

In order to help reduce  spread of COVID-19, students should limit the amount of time they are on campus to what is required by their classes only. At this time, the college has not designated an area for students to socialize between classes. Students are NOT permitted to loiter in hallways of any building nor congregate in any campus parking lot.

Students are expected to arrive shortly before their classes start and leave campus immediately after finishing classes for the day.

Students may only enter campus buildings at designated entrances. A description of each building entrance is located in the table below. Entrances are also designated on this map (requires a PDF reader) by large green dots.

BuildingEntrywayTemperature Scanning Location
ABW - A.B. WhitleyWest Entrance (Main/Front Building Entrance)Building Entrance
CER - Charles E. RussellEast Entrance (Main Building Entrance)Building Entrance
CFG - Goess Student CenterSouth Entrance (Bookstore Only)
CIT - Goess Construction & Industrial TechnologyNorth Entrance (Center of Building)Instructional Area
CWE - Clifton W. EverettSouth Entrance (Closest to Simon)
GHL - G. Henry LeslieEast Entrance (Main Building Entrance)Building Entrance
HS - Herman SimonSouth Entrance (Closest to Student Parking Lot)Instructional Area
KVW - Kay V. WhichardWest Entrance (Closest to Parking Lot)Building Entrance
MW - WeldingEast Entrance (Main Building Entrance)Instructional Area
RR - Raymond ReddrickWest Entrance (Main Building Entrance)Building Entrance
RLH - Robert Lee HumberEast Entrance (Main Entrance Facing HWY 11)Building Entrance
VEW - Vernon E. WhiteSouth Entrance (Closest to KVW)Instructional Area
WEF - William E. FulfordSouth Entrance (Closest to Student Parking Lot)Instructional Area
WMW - Walter & Marie WilliamsEast Entrance (Main Building Entrance)Building Entrance