Student Club Making Final Delivery of Relief Supplies

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society logo

WINTERVILLE—A little more than three months after Hurricane Florence flooded much of the North Carolina coast, a Pitt Community College student club is wrapping up its drive to collect relief supplies for nearby Craven Community College (CCC).

Today, members of PCC’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society chapter will make the 45-minute drive to New Bern one last time to drop off items they’ve been collecting across campus to help their neighbors to the southeast get back on their feet.

PCC Science Instructor Joy Moses-Hall, a PTK advisor, says Pitt students and employees played a pivotal role in helping stock a flood relief donation center CCC established on its campus to serve the community.

“While the Neuse River was still rising, our PTK members delivered a carload of goods donated by the PCC campus community – everything from cleaning supplies and food to fans, dishes and diapers – that more than doubled the items Craven had on hand,” Hall said. “We wanted to help them get their center up and running before classes resumed.”

Hall said that while PCC students were making their initial delivery of supplies in September, residents affected by the storm were already arriving to Craven’s relief center seeking assistance. She said more than 100 CCC students and community members received much-needed items through the almost weekly deliveries of supplies from PCC.

“At Thanksgiving, thanks to a generous cash donation by a PCC staffer, Craven PTK students were able to pack food cartons and deliver them to members of their community who were living in temporary housing because of the hurricane,” Hall said.

Now that CCC’s most urgent needs have been met, Hall says PCC students and employees can take pride in having assisted a fellow member of the N.C. Community College System in a time of need.

“These are good people at Craven Community College, and we should be proud that our own storm-sobered campus pitched in so quickly and mightily,” she said.