SSAC Data Committee Provides Resources, Professional Development to Campus

PCC Warren Cupola in background with fall leaves in the foreground.

The Data Committee has been working diligently to create several data-focused resources for use by faculty and staff.

First, we are creating program/departmental dashboards that will include disaggregated student performance data, such as course retention and persistence. These will roll out as they are completed, and we will support their implementation by teaching faculty and staff how to effectively use this resource. In addition, we are in the process of putting together a “Data Dictionary” as part of PCC’s data governance. Lastly, we are in the process of creating a data-focused newsletter, Bulldog Bytes, and plan to release the first issue by the end of the current term.

We are also working on several professional development projects in conjunction with Teaching and Learning and the ATD Professional Development Team to help faculty understand and use data more effectively. In October, we held a session with Social Sciences faculty, and in Spring 2021, we will be launching a series of data-focused professional development opportunities.

Our ongoing work includes reviewing Data Governance Policy, and by the end of this term, we will submit a draft to President Rouse and his Leadership Team for their review and feedback. We have also successfully developed more comprehensive program and service reviews with equity-focused components; however, implementation has been postponed due to COVID-19.

The committee identified the ATD Action Plan and PCC Strategic Plan data metrics, goals and objectives. We also completed an analysis of data from various events, including the PCC Capacity Café, ATD Data Summit, and the campus-wide workshops to help ATD action teams develop strategies and actions for the ATD Action Plan and PCC’s Strategic Plan.

About the Data Committee:

Data Committee members include Anna Jones (co-chair), Andrea Stamper (co-chair), Khalid Abdelfattah, Jimmie Hardy, Kurt Simmons, Lee Bray, Vicki Coleman, Josh Matthews and Reggie Baker. Its mission is to identify and present data for college-wide use, and to provide oversight of the college’s data resources.