Rouse Holds First Press Conference with Local Media

On his second day as PCC president, Dr. Lawrence Rouse meets with members of the local media.

WINTERVILLE—New Pitt Community College President Lawrence Rouse was introduced to members of the media Thursday morning during a press conference in the Vernon White Building.

Rouse, who became the fifth president in PCC’s 57-year history on Aug. 1, led off his remarks with a nod to former President G. Dennis Massey on a career well done. Calling Massey “a personal friend,” he credited him with leading the effort to increase enrollment at the college and for helping establish a solid foundation for future success at PCC.

While responding to the media’s questions, Rouse touched on a wide range of topics, including fall enrollment (which he said is trending positively), his more than three decades of higher education administration experience, and meetings he is holding with PCC administrators to learn more about the college. He also stressed the importance of making sure students are well aware of the resources available at PCC to help them attend college and complete their programs of study.

Rouse also discussed some of his interests away from work, which included photography, cars, reading and music. Asked for his thoughts on becoming the fifth president in PCC history, he said it was “a dream come true.”