Pitt County Nominates Andrews to Serve as Trustee

Kelly Andrews BOT Graphic

WINTERVILLE—The Pitt Community College Board of Trustees will be back at full strength when it meets next month, after Pitt County Commissioners selected Kelly Andrews on Monday to fill the spot previously held by Kathy Frazier.

Andrews, a Greenville resident, has worked with Pitt County Economic Development for the past 17 years and has been its director the past three. In that capacity, she provides leadership and county support in the areas of industry attraction, expansion and retention, economic development marketing and placemaking efforts, and product development, with regard to sites and infrastructure.

“The mission of Pitt County Economic Development is to champion vibrant communities, thriving businesses, a prosperous economy, and opportunities for all in Pitt County,” Andrews said. “Developing world-class training and talent is critical to our mission, and Pitt Community College has always been an essential partner in leading that charge.”

Andrews’ nomination to PCC’s governing board occurred less than a month after Pitt County legislators were unable to reach a majority on Frazier’s replacement during their Aug. 21 meeting. She is looking forward to her four-year term on the PCC board and says it’s “truly an honor to serve on the Pitt Community College Board of Trustees.”

Through her work in economic development, Andrews is very familiar with the needs and expectations of business and industry, as well as their current and desired workforce. She’s hoping that knowledge will prove beneficial to her service on Pitt’s trustees board.

“I hope that my experience working with existing industries and industrial prospects will bring insight that is valuable to the board of trustees,” she said. “Companies rely on the skilled and talented workforce that PCC is creating, and I look forward to being a part of developing the workforce of the future.”

Frazier, a retired Pitt County Schools educator, served 13 years as a PCC Trustee. She joined the board in 2010, when commissioners selected her to complete the term of Ayden’s Gary Evans. Frazier’s most recent board term expired June 30, and since she had served the maximum number of terms, commissioners had to nominate her replacement.

After swearing in new trustees Charlie Langley, Kennis Wilkins and SGA President Jeremy Galang last month, PCC’s governing board was still down a member when it met Aug. 22. When Andrews is sworn into service Oct. 24, the board will once again have 13 members — 12 voting and the SGA president, who is an ex officio member.