Pitt Adds New Network Programmability and Automation Course

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WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College has added a new course to its Cisco Networking Academy lineup that teaches students network automation skills strongly desired by businesses and government organizations looking to keep pace in the digital world.

Greg Robison, chair of PCC’s Computer Technologies Department, says the “Network Programmability” (NET 226) course Pitt added prior to the start of spring semester prepares students for jobs in network administration and support. He said students who take the class will learn how to build software applications as part of a team and design code to make networks more automated and secure. And because NET 226 is mapped to the Cisco DevNet Associate credential, it prepares students for the Cisco DevNet Associate certification exam.

“Traditional networks must be manually configured, but, as technology improves and networks continue to become more complex, the automation of daily tasks becomes necessary,” Robison said. “Daily tasks, as well as more complex, redundant tasks, can be automated. Network automation reduces human error and the amount of workload on staff by standardizing processes and improving the scalability of networks.”

Robison said that in preparation for offering NET 226, PCC Computer Technologies instructor Sabrina Mozingo participated in the Cisco Programmability Initiative. Instruction began in February 2022 and concluded in October, he said, adding that Mozingo earned Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification and the Cisco DevNet Associate instructor credential by completing the training.

“The Cisco Programmability Initiative is a response to the increasing need for network automation skills in the workforce,” he said. “It was comprised of a series of self-paced training sessions, synchronous virtual meetings and webinars that covered Python, Linux and Cisco application programming interfaces, and network automation.”

Robison says the newest addition to Pitt’s Cisco Networking Academy options gives students enrolled in the college’s IT: Network Management, IT: Technical Support and IT: Cyber Security degree programs a third pathway to in-demand job skills. He said the two other pathways lead to either the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam or the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate exam, depending on the option students choose.