PCC Signs ‘2+2’ Agreement with ECU College of Business

Robert Lee Humber Building on a bright summer day, with blue sky in background and pine trees in the foreground.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College has signed a bilateral agreement with East Carolina University’s College of Business to establish a new pathway for PCC graduates seeking bachelor’s degrees in business.

The 2+2 agreement, as it is commonly known, allows PCC students to complete a two-year degree in General Business Administration before transferring to the ECU College of Business to complete a bachelor’s with two additional years of study. The agreement will go into effect this fall.

“This 2+2 agreement between ECU and PCC provides Business Administration students an additional opportunity to save money on tuition during the first two years of their education by attending PCC,” said Daniel Rhem, coordinator of PCC’s Business Administration program. “For the third and fourth years of their education, they can transfer to ECU and graduate from a top-ranked university.”

Rhem said PCC began discussion of a transfer agreement with the ECU College of Business after many of the college’s business students showed interest in transferring to East Carolina as they neared completion of their program of study.

“These students expressed a desire to complete the associate degree in Business Administration degree at PCC so they could obtain employment,” Rhem said. “However, they also wanted to continue their education at a four-year university while they worked.”

Rhem said the new bilateral agreement differs from previous 2+2 agreements between PCC and ECU because it ensures students who complete the requirements outlined in the agreement will be admitted to ECU’s College of Business when they are admitted to the university.

The new pact, Rhem said, requires students to meet PCC’s graduation requirements for an associate degree in General Business Administration. They must also have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher with a grade of “C” or better in eight classes the ECU College of Business has designated as “core courses.”

“This bilateral agreement establishes a clear and precise pathway for PCC Business Administration graduates to transfer to ECU for a four-year degree,” Rhem said. “It presents an exciting opportunity for students to continue developing business knowledge at East Carolina after graduating from Pitt.”

For more information on PCC’s two-year Business Administration degree and the 2+2 agreement with the ECU College of Business, contact Rhem at (252) 493-7372 or drhem@pittcc.edu.