PCC Schedules Orientation Session for First-Gen Students

PCC’s effort to improve the experiences and outcomes of first-generation college students is exemplified by its First-Gen Fellows Mentoring Program. Through the initiative, Pitt faculty and staff meet regularly with first-generation student mentees to discuss topics like self-discovery, campus activities, goal-setting, leadership development and campus resources. It gives the students a direct connection to someone on campus they can trust to help them eliminate the barriers they encounter in their pursuit of higher education.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College will hold a special new student orientation session this month to highlight programming and services established for first-generation students.

Set for July 20, the program will feature returning PCC students and employees sharing stories of their personal success as first-generation college students. It will also focus on Pitt’s first-generation student initiatives, which include its TRiO and First-Generation Fellows Mentoring programs, First-Generation Student Club and Tri-Alpha National Honor Society.

Dr. Travis Kinsey, PCC Director of TRiO Programs, said the orientation is a way for Pitt to welcome first-generation students to campus and guide them through the admissions/registration process. He explained that PCC defines “first-generation students” as individuals whose parents or legal guardians have not completed a college degree.

“Being a first-generation college student/graduate is something to be celebrated,” Kinsey said. “These individuals bring unique voices and opinions to campus discussions and diversify student bodies culturally, socially and economically. Many go on to become role models for their families and members of the community.”

Kinsey said orientation will also provide students an opportunity to sign up for various first-generation-specific courses at Pitt, such as “College Student Success” and transitional English and math.

The first 100 first-generation students to arrive to the special new student orientation session will receive a free first-generation T-shirt and keychain. Kinsey said they may also participate in a “summer picnic” that day organized by the PCC Student Engagement and Leadership Department.

“As an advisory institution for the Center for First-Generation Student Success, Pitt Community College is continually striving to strengthen its first-generation campus community,” Kinsey said. “Orientation is way for us to make sure our first-generation students feel at home on campus and are aware of the many opportunities for growth the college has to offer them.”

First-generation students interested in attending the July 20 orientation are asked to contact their PCC Student Success Advisors at (252) 493-7578 to register. For additional information, they can email firstgeneration@email.pittcc.edu.