PCC Leaders Waive Student Activity Fee for Summer Semester

Robert Lee Humber Building on a bright summer day, with blue sky in background and pine trees in the foreground.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College administrators approved a one-time measure that effectively reduced the cost of summer semester attendance for students already weary from the economic hardships brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent President’s Leadership Team (PLT) meeting, PCC President Lawrence Rouse said he and the college’s vice presidents considered the challenges students are facing due to COVID-19 and made the decision to refund student activity fees for the 2020 Summer Semester.

“We know that many students are facing financial pressure, and we felt that this gesture would help them in a small way,” Rouse said, adding that PCC is currently developing “relevant student activities that will be delivered virtually” starting this fall.

According to PCC Vice President of Finance Ricky Brown, PLT’s decision only affects students who were charged a student activity fee this summer. He explained that students taking continuing education courses at Pitt are not charged the fee, nor are students enrolled in the Pitt County Schools Early College High School on PCC’s main campus and those taking classes at Pitt through the state’s Career and College Promise program.

“Since we have already had pre-registration and late registration for the summer term, in which we did charge the $20-student activity fee, we have applied a $20-credit to the accounts of those students who were charged the fee,” Brown said. “Those students who paid the fee out-of-pocket will receive a $20-refund check in the mail in the first part of June.”

Brown said students who used financial aid to pay the fee will have $20 credited to their financial aid accounts. He added that the student activity fee will be waived for summer courses that have not yet started.

Each year, revenue from the student activity fee is used to support PCC’s intercollegiate athletics program, Student Government Association-sponsored events—such as Spring Fling, Fall Fest and Summer Splash—and various requests from student clubs and organizations. Brown said the money also goes toward the Student Benefit Fund, which assists students with transportation costs via the Pitt Area Transit System.

As of Thursday, 3,572 curriculum students were enrolled in PCC courses this summer, which is 260 more than at the same point a year ago. As a result, refunding/waiving the summer student activity fee will total approximately $60,000, Brown said.