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Rita Mallett

Work Phone: 493-7340 Office: GHL 113Mail: GHL

Sarah Mangum-Needham

Work Phone: 493-7468 Office: WMW 222-AMail: WMW

Barbara Manning

Work Phone: 493-7616 Office: CFG cubicle 8Mail: CFG

David Manning

Work Phone: 493-7441 Office: ABW 121Mail: ABW-01

Dawn Manning

Work Phone: 493-7633 Office: EJW2401BMail: EJW

Norma Manning

Work Phone: 493-7381 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Allison Manning-Moore

Work Phone: 493-7453 Office: WEF 209Mail: WEF-02

Kim Marriner

Work Phone: 493-7787 Office: RR 209Mail: RR-02

Susan Marsh

Work Phone: 493-7514 Office: CFG 116Mail: CFG

Dennis Marshall

Work Phone: 493-7743 Office: VEW 173Mail: VEW

Elizabeth Martin

Work Phone: 493-7706 Office: EC 112Mail: EC

Gregg Massenburg

Work Phone: 493-7847 Office: CFG 109Mail: CFG

Steven Mathews

Work Phone: 493-7750 Office: CIT 115Mail: CIT

Josh Matthews

Work Phone: 493-7272 Office: ABW 250Mail: ABW-02

Jamelle Matthewson

Work Phone: 493-7887 Office: VWE 134Mail: VEW

Calvin Mayo

Work Phone: 493-7504 Office: ABW 108Mail: ABW-01

Dan Mayo

Work Phone: 493-7531 Office: CER 219Mail: CER-02

Michael Mayo

Work Phone: 493-7587 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Jeanene McBride

Work Phone: 746-4183 756-3440 Office: Ayden-Grifton DH Conley

Emily McConnell

Work Phone: 493-7280 Office: RR 127Mail: RR-01

Alexandra McCoy

Work Phone: 493-7238 Office: LET 102-AMail: LET

Johnathon McDonald

Work Phone: 328-5716 Office: ECU - Austin Building

Lauren McGee

Work Phone: 493-7577 Office: WMW 244Mail: WMW

Steffen McGhee

Work Phone: 493-7914 Office: VEW 144Mail: VEW

Tanya McGhee

Work Phone: 757-3519 Office: BioNetwork

Robert McIntyre

Work Phone: 493-7579 Office: HS 212Mail: WEF-02

Marla McLawhorn

Work Phone: 493-7555 Office: RLH 308Mail: RLH-03

Toby McMahon

Work Phone: 493-7321 Office: CER 124Mail: CER

Shawn Meeks

Work Phone: 493-7777 Office: CPD 103Mail: CPD

Doreen Meglic

Work Phone: 493-7313 Office: WEF 152Mail: WEF-01

Elizabeth Midyette

Work Phone: 493-7266 Office: GS 133Mail: GS

Brian Miller

Work Phone: 493-7421 Office: VEW 109Mail: VEW

Jeffery Mobley

Work Phone: 493-7302 Office: RLH 324Mail: RLH-03

Karen Marie Moody

Work Phone: 493-7251 Office: RLH 303Mail: RLH-03

Kimberly Moody

Work Phone: 493-7644 Office: EJW 2402AMail: EJW

Angela Moore

Work Phone: 493-7388 Office: GS 159Mail: GS

April Moore

Work Phone: 493-7211 Office: VEW 116Mail: VEW

Kelly Moore

Work Phone: 493-7650 Office: VEW 111Mail: VEW

Susan Moore

Work Phone: 493-7614 Office: WEF 109Mail: WEF-01

Timmy Moore

Work Phone: 493-7330 Office: FSC 104Mail: FSC

Priscilla Moore-Rodgers

Work Phone: 493-7717 Office: RLH 110AMail: RLH-01

Jeremy Morris

Work Phone: 493-7823 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Sandra Morris

Work Phone: 493-7347 Office: CWE 114Mail: CWE

Glenn Morrison

Work Phone: 493-7427 Office: CIT 130Mail: CIT

Julie Moseley

Work Phone: 493-7442 Office: VEW 117Mail: VEW

Joy Moses-Hall

Work Phone: 493-7558 Office: WMW 223-CMail: WMW

Joseph Moss

Work Phone: 493-7469 Office: WMW 242Mail: WMW

Tonya Moye

Work Phone: 493-7589 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Karen Mozingo

Work Phone: 493-7306 Office: RLH 110BMail: RLH-01

Kellie Mozingo

Work Phone: 493-7214 Office: LET 105Mail: LET

Sabrina Mozingo

Work Phone: 493-7500 Office: RLH 324Mail: RLH-03

Darrick Mullins

Work Phone: 493-7399 Office: EJW 1102Mail: EJW

Glynis Mullins

Work Phone: 493-7538 Office: RR 101Mail: RR-1

Amanda Murray

Work Phone: 493-7673 Office: CFG 101Mail: CFG

Bynum Murray

Work Phone: 493-7726 Office: RLH 325Mail: RLH-03