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John Bacon

Work Phone: 493-7229 Office: VEW 118Mail: VEW

Amelia Bain

Work Phone: 493-7480 Office: CFG 110Mail: CFG

Pamela Baldwin

Work Phone: 493-7566 Office: VEW 144Mail: VEW

Issac Barrett

Work Phone: 493-7777 Office: CPD 103Mail: CPD

Chastity Bass

Work Phone: 493-7455 Office: WEF 149Mail: WEF-01

Christine Bates

Work Phone: 493-7567 Office: ABW 243Mail: ABW-02

Alisha Battle

Work Phone: 493-7562 Office: EJW 2402BMail: EJW

Madeline Beamon

Work Phone: 493-7293 Office: WEF 120Mail: WEF-01

Courtney Behrle

Home Phone: (919) 515-0231 Office: BioNetwork

Raymond Bennett

Work Phone: 493-7571 Office: LET 102-FMail: LET

Shareen Berkowitz

Work Phone: 493-7298 Office: GS 156Mail: GS

Erin Bingham

Work Phone: 916-4580 Office: BioNetwork

Montez Bishop

Work Phone: 493-7840 Office: CFG 117Mail: CFG

Wesley Bishop

Work Phone: 493-7368 Office: RR 210Mail: RR

Donna Bivans

Work Phone: 493-7478 Office: WMW 239Mail: WMW

Tim Bivans

Work Phone: 493-7336 Office: RLH 321Mail: RLH-03

Connie Blake

Work Phone: 493-7435 Office: CFG 105Mail: CFG

Jessica Blake

Work Phone: 493-7410 Office: CIT 132Mail: CIT

Brian Bothern

Work Phone: 493-7664 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Mandy Bowers

Work Phone: 493-7363 Office: RLH 117Mail: RLH-01

Stephanie Bowers

Work Phone: 493-7449 Office: CWE 225Mail: CWE

Angela Boyd

Work Phone: 493-7338 Office: WEF 174Mail: WEF-01

Queen Boyd

Work Phone: 493-7250 Office: VEW 137Mail: VEW

Bernetta Bradley

Work Phone: 493-7829 Office: EC 111Mail: EC

Kristin Braswell

Work Phone: 493-7319 Office: GS 105Mail: GS

Jason Bratton

Work Phone: 493-7443 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Lynne Braxton

Work Phone: 493-7337 Office: WEF 169Mail: WEF-01

Lee Bray

Work Phone: 493-7264 Office: CFG 103Mail: CFG

Janet Brewer

Work Phone: 493-7325 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Lorri Brewer

Work Phone: 493-7648 Office: GS 121Mail: GS

Phylicia Bridgers

Work Phone: 493-7820 Office: CFG 109Mail: CFG

Melissa Brinkley

Work Phone: 493-7705 Office: CER 232Mail: CER-02

Tim Broadwell

Work Phone: 493-7308 Office: RLH 111BMail: RLH-01

Dollie Brown

Work Phone: 493-7611 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Ricky Brown

Work Phone: 493-7423 Office: VEW 125Mail: VEW

Sidette Brown

Work Phone: 493-7233 Office: GS 139Mail: GS

Stephanie Brown

Work Phone: 493-7554 Office: VEW 119Mail: VEW

Kerry Bruner

Work Phone: 493-7810 Office: VEW 129Mail: VEW

Anita Buck

Work Phone: 493-7821 Office: EC 109

Beth Buck

Work Phone: 493-7583 Office: GS 125Mail: GS

John Buck

Work Phone: 493-7862 Office: WMW 222-CMail: WMW

Sherry Bullock

Work Phone: 493-7260 Office: GS 105Mail: GS

Teresa Bulluck

Work Phone: 493-7402 Office: GS 142Mail: GS

Tavondia Burdett

Work Phone: 493-7310 Office: WEF 172Mail: WEF-01

Patti Burke

Work Phone: 493-7209 Office: GHL 203Mail: GHL

Latis Burnett

Work Phone: 493-7620 Office: VEW 119Mail: VEW

Mitchell Butts

Work Phone: 493-7482 Office: ABW 207Mail: ABW-02