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Marsha Abernethy

Work Phone: 493-7426 Office: ABW 228Mail: ABW

Patricia Adams

Work Phone: 493-7390 Office: RR 218Mail: RR

Teresa Adams

Outreach Specialist: TRIO:Educational Opportunity Centers Work Phone: 252-493-7303 Office: EJW 2402A

Jennifer Addison

Work Phone: 493-7708 Office: RR 212Mail: RR-02

Heidi Albertson

Work Phone: 493-7631 Office: WEF 127Mail: WEF-01

Karen Albrecht

Work Phone: 493-7603 Office: CWE 163Mail: CWE

Blake Allen

Assistant Baseball Coach Work Phone: 252-493-7497 Office: Lewis Fieldhouse (LFH)

Shelley Allen

Work Phone: 493-7575 Office: RLH 315Mail: RLH-03

Lauren Allen-Joyner

Work Phone: 252-493-7850 Office: WEF 211Mail: WEF

Jane Alligood

Work Phone: 493-7641 Office: FSC 109Mail: FSC

Richard Alligood

Work Phone: 493-7253 Office: CIT 106Mail: CIT

Maria Alvarado

Instructor – Nurse Aide Cell Phone: 252-493-7722 Office: GS

Matthew Amante

Work Phone: 493-7684 Office: KVW 107DMail: KVW

Alison Ambrose

Work Phone: 493-7447 Office: RLH 107Mail: RLH-01

Caroline Andrews

Work Phone: 493-7481 Office: WEF 240Mail: WEF-02

Lillie Andrews

Work Phone: 493-7230 Office: FSC 110Mail: FSC

Tyerice Armwood

Work Phone: 493-7512 Office: RLH 319Mail: RLH-03

Jaysen Arno

Work Phone: 493-7637 Office: WMW 246Mail: WMW

Katrina Arnold

Work Phone: 493-7416 Office: RR 128Mail: RR-01

Tammy Atchison

Work Phone: 493-7466 Office: WMW 243Mail: WMW

Sonya Atkinson

Work Phone: 493-7255 Office: T 23Mail: VEW

Kerri Augustino

Work Phone: 493-7697 Office: WMW 222-FMail: WMW

Rieneke Ausherman

Academic Specialist, TRIO, SSS Work Phone: 493-7765 Office: EJW 1306AMail: EJW

John Bacon

Work Phone: 493-7229 Office: VEW 118Mail: VEW

Reginald Baker

Work Phone: 493-7345 Office: CFG 175

Pamela Baldwin

Work Phone: 493-7566 Office: VEW 144Mail: VEW

Melany Ball

Work Phone: 493-7854 Office: CER 133

Chastity Banfalvy

Work Phone: 493-7455 Office: WEF 149Mail: WEF-01

Holly Barbee

Work Phone: 493-7206 Office: CFG 162Mail: CFG

Issac Barrett

Work Phone: 493-7777 Office: CPD 103Mail: CPD

Christine Bates

Work Phone: 493-7567 Office: ABW 246Mail: ABW-02

Alisha Battle

Work Phone: 493-7562 Office: EJW 2402BMail: EJW

Gretchen Baugh

Work Phone: 493-7660 Office: GS 103Mail: GS

Madeline Beamon

Work Phone: 493-7293 Office: WEF 128Mail: WEF-01

Raymond Bennett

Work Phone: 493-7571 Office: LET 102-FMail: LET

Shareen Berkowitz

Work Phone: 493-7298 Office: GS 156Mail: GS

Roslyn Bethea

Director of Online Instructional Design Work Phone: 493-7208 Office: VEW 171

Kristen Andrews Bishop

Work Phone: 493-7553 Office: WMW 247Mail: WMW

Wesley Bishop

Work Phone: 493-7368 Office: RR 211Mail: RR

Donna Bivans

Work Phone: 493-7478 Office: WMW 239Mail: WMW

Tim Bivans

Work Phone: 493-7336 Office: RLH 321Mail: RLH-03

Nicole Blackshear-Juarez

Work Phone: 493-7428 Office: CIT 115Mail: CIT

Jessica Blake

Work Phone: 493-7410 Office: CFG 119Mail: CFG

Keela Blango

Work Phone: 493-7720 Office: WEF 170Mail: WEF-01

Crystal Boseman

Work Phone: 252-493-7356 Office: VEW 166Mail: VEW

Brian Bothern

Work Phone: 493-7664 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Cameron Bowen

Adult Learning Center Academic Advisor, Grant Funded/TL Work Phone: 252-493-3073 Office: CFG 120

Mandy Bowers

Work Phone: 493-7363 Office: RLH 117Mail: RLH-01

Stephanie Bowers

Work Phone: 493-7449 Office: CWE 225Mail: CWE

Angela Boyd

Work Phone: 493-7338 Office: WEF 174Mail: WEF-01

Queen Boyd

Work Phone: 493-7250 Office: VEW 137Mail: VEW

Bernetta Bradley

Work Phone: 493-7829 Office: EC 111Mail: EC

Lynne Brady

Work Phone: 493-7337 Office: WEF 169Mail: WEF-01

Jordan Braswell

Work Phone: 493-7847 Office: CER 220Mail: CER

Jason Bratton

Work Phone: 493-7443 Office: VEW 134Mail: VEW

Lee Bray

Work Phone: 493-7264 Office: CFG 103Mail: CFG

Janet Brewer

Work Phone: 493-7325 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Lorri Brewer

Work Phone: 493-7648 Office: GS 121Mail: GS

Melissa Brinkley

Work Phone: 493-7705 Office: CER 232Mail: CER-02

Andrew Brinson

Post Award Specialist, Grants Management Office Home Phone: 252-493-7335 Office: VEW 156

Shelby Brothers

Work Phone: 493-7891 Office: WEF 147

Dollie Brown

Work Phone: 493-7611 Office: CFG 100Mail: CFG

Ricky Brown

Work Phone: 493-7423 Office: VEW 125Mail: VEW

Sidette Brown

Work Phone: 493-7233 Office: GS 139Mail: GS

Kerry Bruner

Director of HR Operations Work Phone: 252-493-7810 Office: VEW 129Mail: VEW

Teresa Bulluck

Work Phone: 493-7402 Office: GS 142Mail: GS

Tavondia Burdett

Work Phone: 493-7310 Office: WEF 171Mail: WEF-01

Patti Burke

Work Phone: 493-7209 Office: GHL 203Mail: GHL

Latis Burnett

Work Phone: 493-7620 Office: VEW 119Mail: VEW

Alexander Burnette

Application Programmer/Analyst Work Phone: 252-493-7674 Office: VEW 134

Mitchell Butts

Work Phone: 493-7482 Office: ABW 207Mail: ABW-02

Jean Cahoon

Work Phone: 493-7489 Office: RR 221Mail: RR-02

Pamela Cannon

Work Phone: 493-7751 Office: CFG 178Mail: CFG

Derek Cappillo

Work Phone: 493-7821 Office: EC 104Mail: EC

Craig Carico

Work Phone: 493-7713 Office: WEF 213Mail: WEF-02

Tirara Carmon

Work Phone: 493-7330 Office: FSCMail: FSC

Parker Carnes

Work Phone: 493-7612 Office: MW 114

John Carrere

Work Phone: 493-7380 Office: CFG 106Mail: CFG

Lajuana Carter

Work Phone: 493-7858 Office: CFG 100C12

Brook Cathey

Work Phone: 493-7291 Office: RR 221Mail: RR-02

Etta Causey

Work Phone: 756-3050 Office: 426 E. Arlington Blvd

Sharon Ceres

Work Phone: 493-7621 Office: HS 237Mail: WEF-01

Samantha Chauncey

Work Phone: 493-7470 Office: WMW 240Mail: WMW

Scott Chauncey

Work Phone: 493-7367 Office: FSC 115Mail: FSC

Obioma Chukwu

Work Phone: 493-7821 Office: EC 102Mail: EC

Lynda Civils

Work Phone: 493-7283 Office: CER 222Mail: CER-02

James Clark

Composition Coordinator Work Phone: 252-493-7425 Office: ABW 208Mail: ABW

Kelly Clark

Work Phone: 493-7259 Office: VEW 125Mail: VEW

Bradley Clayton

Work Phone: 493-7483 Office: CIT 103

Lakeshia Clemmons

Work Phone: 493-7821 Office: EC 101Mail: EC

Benjamin Clemons

Work Phone: 493-7330 Office: FSCMail: FSC

Mike Clendenen

Work Phone: 493-7608 Office: VEW 160Mail: VEW

Laura Clift

Work Phone: 493-7479 Office: WMW 241Mail: WMW

Russell Clift

Work Phone: 493-7491 Office: WMW 222-EMail: WMW

Scott Clinefelter

Work Phone: 493-7475 Office: WEF 130Mail: WEF-01

Tina Clinefelter

Work Phone: 493-7461 Office: HS 231Mail: WEF-01

Katherine Clyde

Work Phone: 493-7262 Office: RLH 203BMail: RLH-02

Amy Robin Cole

Work Phone: 493-7569 Office: CER 120Mail: CER-01

Vicki Coleman

Work Phone: 493-7495 Office: CER 226Mail: CER-02