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NOTE: All PCC fax numbers are in area code 252.

If you cannot locate a fax number for the department you want to reach,
call (252) 493-7200.

Fax Numbers
Academic Affairs Vice President’s Office321-4333VEW 115
Accessibility Services321-4345CWE 114
Accounting Office
[Cashier/Accounts Receivable & Payable]
Administrative Services321-4363VEW 3A
Admissions Office321-4209CFG 128
Associate in General Education (AGE)321-4451WEF 103
Athletic Director321-4592E&JW
Automotive Program321-4235CIT 107
Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)321-4549LET
Basic Skills321-4351GHL 105
Business Division Office321-5351RLH 203
Cashier's Office321-4524CFG
Chief Financial Officer321-4546VEW 110
Coburn Center321-4612E&JW-1
Community Outreach Office321-4592E&JW-2
Construction and Industrial Technology Division321-4409CIT 115
Construction Technology Program321-4282CIT 126
Continuing Education and Workforce Development321-4433Grv Ctr
Copy Center321-4401VEW 15
Counselor's Office - Health Sciences321-4508CFG
Criminal Justice Technology321-1130CER 217
Developmental Studies321-4347RR 140
Early Childhood Education321-1130CER 217
Electrical Systems Technology321-4246VEW 166
English and Humanities Department321-4648ABW 249
Evening Programs321-4612CFG
Facilities Management/Maintenance321-4651MNT
Financial Aid321-4201CFG 128
Health Care Services (Continuing Education & Workforce Training)321-4626GRV CTR (Front Desk)
Health Sciences321-4451WEF 103
Health Sciences Admissions321-4451WEF 103
Horticulture321-4246VEW 166
Human Resources/Personnel321-4392VEW 129
Human Resources Development/HRD321-4613Annex
Human Services Technology321-1130CER 217
Information Technology HelpDesk321-4401VEW 125
Intramurals and Recreation Center Fax Number321-4612E&JW-1
Learning Center321-4343CWE 150
Math & Physics Fax Number321-4349CER-117
Office Systems Technology321-4529RLH 310
Paralegal Technology321-1130CER 217
Placement Testing321-4592E&JW-2
President's Office321-4558VEW 37
Public Services & Fine Arts Division321-1130CER 217
Purchasing321-4214FSC 106
Registrar's Office321-4209CFG 128
Science Department321-4490
WEF 236
Social Sciences Department321-4566RR-2
Student Activities321-4612E&JW-1
Student Support321-4333VEW 109
University Transfer321-8361RR-2
Veterans' AffairspendingEJS 210
Work Study321-4201CFG 128
Workforce Development (Greenville Center Annex)756-6559GS Annex