Nursing Students Train with BSOM Residents

WINTERVILLE—Three medical residents from East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) visited the Pitt Community College simulation hospital recently to team up with second-year nursing students on simulated patient care rounds.

The collaboration, which took place Oct. 11, featured nursing students interacting with the physicians in several patient case scenarios. After detailing each patient’s medical history, including vital signs and test results, the future nurses answered questions the doctors had about the patients and measures being taken to treat them. It was the kind of interaction that occurs many times a day in actual hospitals and gave the nursing students excellent practice for their future careers.

PCC Health Sciences Dean Donna Neal says she and PCC nursing faculty hope the training will become an ongoing inter-professional educational experience. She thanked Dr. Walter Robey III, assistant dean for simulation and safety education at BSOM, for bringing his students to campus.

“We’re grateful that Dr. Robey recognizes the value in experiential learning and collaborative training involving multiple health care programs,” Neal said. “These simulated experiences certainly provide students opportunities to strengthen their health care knowledge and skills, but they also emphasize the importance of communication and teamwork.”

PCC Nursing Instructor Lynne Braxton says one of the many benefits of Pitt’s simulation hospital, which opened for training in January, is that it offers outstanding opportunities for students from her program to collaborate with students from other health care disciplines, including those from outside of PCC.