New SGA President Eager to Serve as Voice of Student Body during 2018-19 Academic Year

PCC Student Government Association President Shella Satur

WINTERVILLE—As she prepares for her second year of college transfer courses at Pitt Community College, Shella Satur is excited about the opportunity to serve as the voice of the college’s student body during the 2018-19 academic year.

Elected president of the PCC Student Government Association this spring, Satur will have a place on the college’s Board of Trustees as an ex officio member. Though it doesn’t include voting privileges, Satur considers it an excellent opportunity to advocate on behalf of her fellow students.

“PCC is a welcoming school with faculty and staff willing to help you along the way,” she says. “As SGA president, I’ll do my part to make sure the college is all-inclusive. I’m a good listener who is patient and willing to hear everyone’s opinions. I’m also passionate about PCC and want to keep the Board of Trustees informed of what students want and need.”

Satur says her agenda as SGA president also includes seminars on campus to teach students nearing graduation about fiscal responsibility. She says she is also focused on helping older students become more technically savvy while attending PCC.

Though she is just 19 years old, Satur, a Saipan native who came to the US in 2003, has already gained valuable life skills and study habits through her job with Chick-fil-A and participation in the PCC VISIONS Career Development and Scholarship Program.

“I love (VISIONS),” she says. “I wouldn’t be here [at PCC] without it. It’s great to have all of these wonderful advisors around that I can talk to and learn from.”

As a VISIONS student, Satur received personal and academic counseling from PCC VISIONS staff as a senior at J.H. Rose High School. She continues to receive those services at Pitt, along with a scholarship.

Upon completion of her studies at PCC, Satur says she will likely move on to East Carolina University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications. She wants to become an officer in either the Army or Air Force once she has earned a four-year degree and ultimately wants a career in social work so she can assist families with food insecurities.