Troubleshooting tips for logging in to myPittCC

  1. Review the login instructions.
  2. Make sure you are not using any capital letters.  Your Caps Lock might be engaged on your keyboard, so make sure it is not.
  3. Assure that you are not using any spaces between letters or numbers.
  4. Make sure you are not using the letter “o” instead of the correct number “0” for numbers.
  5. All new passwords must be at least fourteen characters long to comply with our current Password Policy. After your first sign in, you will be prompted change your password when you log in, it must contain 14 characters and 3 of the following (Upper Case, Lower Case, Number, Special Character)

    Your default password will be set to include (in order) your birthday (six-digit format), uppercase first name initial, lowercase last name initial, and your seven-digit ID number.

    Example: John Doe, whose birthday is January 3, 1980, and has a seven-digit PCC I.D. number of 0098765, would have a password of 010380Jd0098765.. If you are a student, you can confirm your PCC I.D. number with the Registrar’s Office at 252-493-7232 (for security reasons, we cannot give you that number here in Technical Support). PCC employees can confirm their PCC I.D. number with Human Resources.

  6. Make sure that you are trying to log in from our website, and selecting the myPittCC option in the upper right.
  7. If you are getting a “site not shared” error, do NOT hit the back button; instead, go back to step 6 and make sure you are using your @my.pittcc.edu credentials fully. If you are still receiving an error, proceed to Step 8.
  8. Try clearing your browser history (cache, cookies, history, etc.). This can be achieved by pressing control + shift + delete on your keyboard and choosing clear data (except on a Mac using Safari), then close your browser, and re-open it.
  9. Try a different browser or device as it may be a problem with your device, connection, or personal system software.

If, after working through all of the above steps, you still cannot log in to myPittCC, contact us at helpdesk@email.pittcc.edu (preferred method) or 252-493-7487 if email is not an option for you.  If we find an issue with your account, we will reset your password for you or fix any other technical issues with your account. However, if we determine that your original, default login information works here for us, and you have worked through all of the above steps, you will need to seek assistance with someone directly on a computer where you can attempt logging in.  You can go by the Technical Support Helpdesk located in the Vernon White Building during PCC Business hours.  You can also ask for hands-on assistance at other various locations on PCC Campus such as the PCC Library, your instructor(s), your advisor, your supervisor, the Academic Skills Lab in Trailer 19, other computer labs, or Enrollment Services in the Goess Building.