It’s Not Too Late to Take Fall Classes at PCC

Robert Lee Humber Building surrounded by pines.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College’s 2023 Fall Semester is well underway, but opportunities remain for those still interested in taking classes.

According to Lori Preast, PCC Assistant Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction, Pitt is offering 14-, 12- and eight-week courses this fall. They begin Aug. 31, Sept. 18 and Oct. 18, respectively, and end Dec. 15.

“Late-start classes represent a shorter semester for students, so they require an extra measure of self-motivation and diligence for success,” Preast said.

The selection of late-start classes is wide-ranging, everything from math and music to ceramics and basic Spanish. While some courses are specific to associate degree curricula, others can be transferred to many of North Carolina’s public and private four-year institutions.

No matter which classes students choose, Preast says PCC offers support services – including tutoring, personal counseling and academic advising – to help them succeed. “Our goal is getting students on track and progressing toward a transfer degree or credential with labor market value,” she said.

To enroll in late-start classes, new students must complete a PCC admissions application and submit copies of their official high school transcripts to the college registrar’s office. Current students may register from an approved student education plan or by contacting their academic advisors.

More details and a list of late-start classes PCC is offering this fall are available online.