Graduate Testimonial: PCC Volleyball Player Alaina Johnson

Portrait photo of smiling PCC volleyball player Alaina Johnson against a royal blue background.

An outside hitter on the Pitt Community College volleyball team, Alaina Johnson will be graduating with Associate in General Education degree and has been accepted into the college’s Nuclear Medicine Technology program.

Favorite Thing About Your Academic Program:

Johnson says her favorite part of the Associate in General Education program was taking the majority of her classes online. She says she’s excited to learn a lot more about nuclear medicine and to learn hands-on in clinicals and make friends in the program. Her goal is to continue with the CT and MRI program after nuclear medicine and make that a career.

Favorite Thing about Pitt Community College:

Johnson says her favorite thing about PCC was playing volleyball. Since she didn’t have many in-person classes, she enjoyed the opportunities to come out to campus for volleyball workouts to hang out with teammates and friends.

Favorite Thing about PCC Volleyball:

Johnson favorite thing about PCC volleyball was an overnight game when Coach Norm Cabacar took the team to dinner and a Christmas parade.

What Advice Would You Give to Future Student-Athletes?

Johnson’s advice to future Bulldogs would be to work hard and stay on top of schoolwork. “Make friends, and make the most of it, because it goes by quick,” she added.

Anything You Would Like to Add?

“Shoutout to Brooke Green” for being a great advisor to PCC student-athletes.