PCC Foundation Extends Scholarship Deadline

WINTERVILLE—The Pitt Community College Foundation announced earlier this week that it has extended the deadline for applying for scholarships during the 2020-21 academic year.

Originally set for April 1, PCC Scholarships Coordinator Kim Simpkins says prospective fall students, including high school seniors and current PCC students, now have until April 15 to submit scholarship applications.

To apply, students must visit the “Applying for Scholarships” page on the PCC Foundation website for a list of steps to follow and a link to the organization’s online application system. The site also features a complete listing of scholarships the foundation offers.

“We currently have a large number of students who have started an application but have not completed and submitted it,” Simpkins said. “We would like to remind students it is imperative for them to complete the process. Applications that are not officially submitted and remain in draft mode are not considered for awards.”

Simpkins says the online application system has significantly improved the scholarship selection process. The software, she said, matches students with scholarships they are eligible for, based on information applicants provide and award eligibility guidelines.

“The PCC Foundation has scholarships for both academic merit and financial need,” Simpkins said. “Students should not make assumptions about their eligibility based on income or academic achievement. We encourage anyone considering attending PCC during the 2020-21 academic year to submit a scholarship application.”

Before newcomers can apply for PCC Foundation scholarships, they must complete and submit a PCC admissions application. Simpkins explained that acceptance letters from the college include important login credentials needed to access and complete the online scholarship application form.

She noted that all scholarship applicants are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, since it is a requirement for many of the awards the PCC Foundation offers. And she pointed out that students who have started the online application process but haven’t finished it must do so by the deadline.

Once the new scholarship application deadline has passed, Simpkins says the PCC Foundation Scholarship Committee will work with PCC Institutional Advancement staff to administer and award most of the available scholarships. She explained that government-funded awards and several specific scholarships, such as the N.C. Education Lottery and Golden LEAF scholarships, will continue to be awarded by PCC’s Financial Aid Department.

Students who have questions or need assistance with completing scholarship applications are encouraged to contact Simpkins by email at kgsimpkins818@my.pittcc.edu.