Five-Week Classes at PCC Get Underway in April

Warren Building Cupola in the background with pink/purple flowering tree in the foreground.

WINTERVILLE—Though they move fast and require a good deal of discipline for success, Pitt Community College’s five-week, late-start courses present a great opportunity to earn college credits in a short timeframe. 

According to Lori Preast, PCC Assistant Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction, this semester’s five-week courses run from April 3 to May 8. She said they will be offered online, and students must receive approval in order to register for them. 

“Our spring late-start classes feature the same instruction as courses that began in January, but there’s a considerable difference in having five weeks to learn the information instead of 16,” Preast said. “These five-week courses require an extra measure of self-motivation and diligence for success, so we want to make certain the students who enroll in them are focused, proficient with online learning and have excellent time management skills.” 

Though the selection of five-week classes is limited, nearly all can be transferred to North Carolina’s public and private four-year institutions. Due to the accelerated nature of instruction, students can take no more than two in a semester. 

Students interested in taking these fast-paced courses must email latestart@email.pittcc.edu. They may also call Brian Jones at (252) 493-7867 or John Carrere at (252) 493-7380 in order to register for them.