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Fall Back into the Classroom!

In-Person Learning for Fall Semester 2021!

At Pitt Community College, we recognize that some students prefer the in-person, face-to-face classroom learning experience. Unfortunately, throughout the pandemic, we have been limited in the in-person courses we could offer.

However, for the Fall 2021 Semester, PCC will be back to offering in-person classroom instruction across all the disciplines for curriculum as well as continuing education classes! In order to be flexible for student schedules and learning styles, PCC will be delivering instruction in all learning models:

Traditional:             100% Face-to-Face
Hybrid:                      51% or more online instruction
Blended:                   50% or less online instruction
Online:                      100% online
*Synchronous:       Combines Internet and required online meetings

*Synchronous classes combine the convenience of Online instruction with required Online meeting times to give students face time with their instructors and classmates.

Whatever course or program you are interested in, we have a format and a schedule that will fit your individual needs.

To Register for Fall 2021 Classes

Continuing or Returning Students: Contact your advisor or call the PCC Hotline at (252) 493-7245.

New Students: Apply Now!

Former Students not Enrolled Since 2019: Apply Now!

Continuing Education Courses: Visit our Continuing Education web pages

For any questions about Fall Semester 2021, call the PCC Hotline at (252) 493-7245.