Employees, Students Set Aside Razors for Great Cause

Hope Lodge Manager Katrina Combs receives a donation from several PCC employees representing this year's 'No-Shave November' participants. From left to right, they are: Capt. Issac Barrett, Jim Shallow, Jasmin Spain, Thomas Forrest and Chief Tyrone Turnage.

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WINTERVILLE—The Pitt Community College Men’s Resource Center wrapped up its ‘No-Shave November’ fundraiser Dec. 6 with the presentation of a $1,105-check to the American Cancer Society’s McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge.

It was the second straight year that male employees and students at the college put away their razors for a month and donated funds they would have ordinarily spent on haircuts and grooming to Hope Lodge. The facility, which is located in Greenville, provides free accommodations to hundreds of cancer patients undergoing treatment each year.

“Community involvement is an integral part of the American Cancer Society’s ability to serve our clients,” said Hope Lodge Manager Katrina Combs. “PCC participates not only through their ‘No-Shave’ event, which raises funds to support the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge, but we also benefit from the many students who volunteer and serve our guests and caregivers with joy.”

Hoping to surpass the nearly $400 raised through last year’s ‘No-Shave November’ effort, PCC Automotive Systems Instructor Walter Underwood challenged this year’s participants to donate a dollar a day throughout November. For those who contributed more than $30, Underwood matched each individual’s donation dollar for dollar over the $30-total.

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer,” Underwood said. “The last thing they need to worry about during treatment is where they are going to stay. ‘No-Shave November’ is a way to ease that stress for patients and their families while coming together and having fun.”

Organizers of this year’s fundraiser made beard growth more entertaining for participants by presenting special awards at the event’s conclusion in five categories: “Best Effort,” “Most Growth,” “Beard of Wisdom,” “Snuggle Beard (Softest)” and “Best in Show.” PCC President Lawrence Rouse served as a judge to help determine the winners, along with the college’s Holly Edwards, Anna Jones and Gloristeen Roberson.

“’No-Shave November’s’ been a great event to be a part of,” said PCC Industrial Instructor/Coordinator Zachary Cleghorn, whose beard took ‘Best in Show’ honors. “Seeing all of the people – the students, faculty and staff members – come together for PCC for this great cause is really awesome.”