Digital Marketing/Analytics Expert Shares Knowledge

WINTERVILLE—The Pitt Community College Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Economics Department recently hosted a digital marketing and analytics expert who spoke with students about utilizing computer technology to identify and target consumers.

J.D. Wyborny, client services director at RNL+Converge, gave a presentation on “Digital Marketing in 2019 and Beyond” in which he discussed marketing’s evolution over time, the digital marketing process, and making the most of Google Analytics.

According to Wyborny, who also teaches marketing management to MBA students at American University, there has been more data created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Of the world’s most valuable companies, he said, the top five – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – are technology businesses.

While consumer data once focused on general geographic and demographic information, Wyborny says data mining today is psychographic, meaning it examines people’s values, interests and lifestyles. He said it also explores consumer behavior—areas like product and brand loyalty, interaction with companies, and past purchases.

Ultimately, says Wyborny, digital marketing is about understanding customers. He noted that companies that are customer-centric are 60 percent more profitable and that 75 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that know their name and purchase history.

By utilizing free Google Analytics reports that track website traffic, businesses can discover valuable information about their audiences, including demographics, behaviors and interests. Wyborny, who is Google Ads and Analytics-certified, says the reports also show how users get to and interact with websites and allow businesses to develop buyer personas they can zero in on with tailored messages.

PCC Marketing Instructional Coordinator Mandy Bowers helped organize Wyborny’s visit as part of her department’s efforts to enrich course material by bringing in innovative guest speakers to talk with students.

“J.D. is an expert in social media marketing and was able to introduce students to a world of opportunities pertaining to social media certifications,” she said. “His presentation included pertinent information about digital marketing for our marketing majors and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Bowers says her department plans to host other influential entrepreneurs and business leaders from eastern North Carolina during the upcoming spring semester.