Customized Training

About Us

We offer customized training services to local businesses and industries at no cost or low cost. Our cost-effective training targets performance improvement and cross-training issues specific to each industry. Our classes are as different as the industries we serve. We can help with the professional development for your existing employees or we can offer you services to help identify potential employees who are ready to go to work immediately which can save you time and money.

Customized Training & Development

We help Pitt County businesses maintain their competitive edge by training employees in the fields of industrial technology, bioprocessing, safety, leadership, team development, and customer service. Instructors with industry experience customize classes in a variety of areas including blueprint reading, welding, programmable logic controllers, hazards communication, fire safety, various computer applications, leadership, lean manufacturing, train the trainer, and telephone techniques.

Serving the Special Needs of New and Expanding Pitt County Industry

The state pioneered no cost, customized job training for new and expanding businesses in 1958 and continues to provide the nation’s most recognized Customized Training Program. The industries eligible for support include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology Intensive (Information Technology, Life Sciences)
  • Regional or National Warehousing and Distribution Centers
  • Customer Support Centers
  • Air Courier Services
  • National Headquarters with operations outside NC
  • Civil Services employees providing technical support to US military installations located in NC