National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

WorkKeys & the National Career Readiness Certificate

How can you prove you have the necessary skills to be successful in the workplace? How can you distinguish yourself from other candidates? How can you increase your opportunity for career change and advancement?

The National Career Readiness Certificate is a portable, nationally recognized credential that can help individuals get the job they want. Based on the proven ACT WorkKeys® system the NCRC gives job seekers proof of their workplace skills. WorkKeys, a system of real world workplace assessments can act both as a tool to increase an individual’s employability skills and give employers the tools necessary to plan, screen, select, train and promote the appropriate candidates. Test results can be beneficial information for many groups and organizations such as Public School Systems, local and federal government, employers, and economic strategists. Learn more about the advantages of the NCRC.

The Assessments

Individuals who successfully complete the three WorkKeys Assessments—Applied MathGraphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents—earn the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® (WorkKeysNCRC®), a valuable credential for students and job seekers seeking to verify foundational workplace skills. ACT WorkKeys also offers additional assessments to measure interests, values, and behaviors that can lead to greater job satisfaction.

Register for the NCRC

NCRC Testing by Appointment Only

Requirements for day of testing:

  • Must show Photo ID
  • Security and Covid guidelines will be followed


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Need Your Scores?

If you need your WorkKeys/NCRC Scores, there is great news! You have access to all of your WorkKeys scores at any time. Through www.myworkkeys.com you can publicize and print a copy of your scores whenever you need. For directions on how to get a copy of your scores.