Workforce Development

Equipping Individuals with Skills for the Workplace

Workforce Development at Pitt Community College (PCC) specializes in the training of both incumbent and prospective employees for the businesses and industries of Pitt County, as well as offers multiple training programs to the general public to help prepare and equip individuals for the workplace. We work to maintain a close relationship with all our community partners in order to understand their workforce needs and deliver training solutions customized to fit their business goals and strategies.

Workforce Training Solutions

Our training solutions cover a wide range of categories, including:

  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Technical
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Bio
  • Maintenance
  • Regulatory
  • Software Applications

Our focus is to provide training that strengthens the organization, increases efficiency and productivity, and promotes job growth. We take a holistic approach in meeting the diverse needs of our community partners; from offering the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), to delivering soft-skills training through the Working Smart Program. The NCRC is a portable, nationally recognized credential that can prove an individual is ready for the workplace. It can be used as a tool for employers to screen potential job applicants, greatly reducing the time and cost of hiring new employees. Working Smart is a modular program that helps to develop the critical soft-skills necessary for individuals to be successful in the workplace. The program focuses on a number of topics, including: communication, team building, time management, stress management, and conflict resolution, just to name a few. These soft-skills are not only being delivered to prospective employees, but also to incumbent workers to enhance their job performance and develop their career.

We strive to meet the training needs of our community partners no matter what the challenge; from leadership to technical, and everything in between, we are a positive source for measurable impactful training solutions.

PCC Career Services

The PCC Workforce Development team works closely with PCC Career Services to connect employers with our students and alumni. For more information, visit PCC Career Services.