2024 STEAM: KinderCamps Descriptions

***REGISTRATION DEADLINES are 1 week prior to camp date***

PCC Campus, Russell Building, Room 245
$50.55 per week

All About Me
May 20-24 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5

A fun camp where children will integrate science, art, and math into learning about themselves.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
June 10-14 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5
Children will bug out over this fun camp exploring insects and arachnoids.

December in July
July 1-3 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5
Forget about hot summer temperatures in this camp about all things cold!

Dinosaurs and Fossils
June 17-21 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5

This camp will take children on a journey back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

Down on the Farm
July 22-26 |  8am-12pm | Ages 3-5
Using stories, songs, art, and dramatic play to learn about the farm animals.

Everything Rainforest
July 8-12 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5
With an emphasis on being eco-friendly, children will learn about the unique animal life living in a tropical rainforest environment.

Little Chefs
June 24-28 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5
Bringing all things STEAM related into preparing both edible and non-edible recipes.

Nurture Nature
July 15-19 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5

Reduce, recycle reuse will be the theme of this camp with an emphasis on appreciating and caring for our planet.

The Tiny Seed
May 28-31 (No Monday) | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5

A gardening adventure for little ones who dig digging and watching things grow.

Under the Sea
June 3-7 | 8am-12pm | Ages 3-5

A study of sea creatures integrating literacy and art into unique creations.