Skilled Trades

Start a Fulfilling Career in the Skilled Trades

In Continuing Education & Workforce Development, we work closely with community partners and local businesses to determine areas of need within our community. We’ve discovered that there’s a growing demand here in Pitt County for reliable workers trained in the skilled trades. From the HVAC trade and plumbing to truck driving and the welding trade, there are many jobs available right now for individuals who show promise and are willing to learn.

At Pitt Community College, we empower our students to achieve more through hands-on training with inspiring faculty mentors who have decades of experience in workforce development and the skilled trades they teach. We offer flexible class schedules to accommodate every student’s personal and professional schedule.

What are the Skilled Trades?

The skilled trades cover a vast range of industries and specialties. These include the welding trade, HVAC trade, carpentry, electrical wiring, and truck driving (also known as CDL). Put simply, skilled trades professionals are the people who keep communities, companies, and supply chains running smoothly.

These are career paths that often don’t require college education or even a degree to enter. Instead, workforce development depends on Skilled Trades programs like PCC’s to help students efficiently build strong foundations in the trades that interest them.

Why Choose Pitt Community College to Learn the Skilled Trades?

We believe that everyone deserves the training to pursue the career that’s right for them. We also know that degrees and diplomas are not always the right path for every student. That’s why we built our Skilled Trades certificate program to be inclusive — regardless of your educational or professional background.

Whether or not you have a high school diploma, the Skilled Trades program can give you the knowledge and skills to start a career and start earning a higher salary right away.

Each of the classes in our Skilled Trades certificate program includes hands-on labs for at least 80 percent of the class, meaning that you’ll gain the expertise to enter your new career with confidence. Students learning plumbing may have the opportunity to plumb the new construction houses we build on campus.

We offer small class sizes in our Skilled Trades program to give you more chances to work closely with our dedicated faculty. You’ll learn from their decades of real-world experience in a variety of industries — including the HVAC trade, CDL, and the plumbing and welding trades. In fact, our CDL instructors have over 100 years of combined truck-driving experience.

Thanks to the high demand for workforce development around Pitt County and the city of Greenville, students in the Skilled Trades certificate program may be eligible for tuition assistance through programs such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Greene Lamp, and the North Carolina DSS.

Career Opportunities for Skilled Trades Program Graduates

Every aspect of our Skilled Trades program is designed to prepare you for your new career path, and we are proud of the success that our students enjoy throughout their careers.

Ninety-nine percent of the students who enter our CDL Skilled Trades program graduate, and 95 percent find jobs in the industry — thanks to the combination of a high demand for workforce development and the high-quality training our students receive.

During your time in our Skilled Trades program, you may have opportunities to meet with recruiters from across the region, letting you build a professional network and find the right company for your goals.

We are invested in workforce development across every major industry within the skilled trades. This means that when you complete your training, you could qualify for some of the following fields, depending on your specialty:

  • The HVAC trade
  • The welding trade
  • Plumbing
  • Long-range truck driving
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Masonry
  • Escort vehicle certification
  • Auto repair

“JD not only taught us what we needed for the tests, but he was instrumental in making sense of why we do things the way we do. He was more than willing to share his knowledge of trucking life and let us learn from his years of experience. He let us know what to expect.”

Nicholas Wolfe

CDL Graduate, 2021

Get Started in the Skilled Trades!

• CFC Refrigerant Certification
• Advanced Residential or Commercial Wiring Level II
• Cabinet Making Fundamentals II & III
• Intro to AutoCad
• Intro to Residential or Commercial Wiring I
• HVAC Preventative Maintenance
• Machining Fundamentals I
• Building Construction Blueprint Reading
• Advanced Cabinet Making
• National Electric Code
• Plumbing Fundamentals
• Framing and Carpentry
• GMAW (MIG) Plate Welding
• GTAW (TIG) Plate Welding
• Introduction to Bricklaying (Masonry)
• Machining Fundamentals II
• 16-Hour Electrical Renewal
• Variety of Gunsmithing Classes

• Complete job site safety
• Complex residential installation
• Mechanics of electrical wiring
• The basics of framing and carpentry
• Fundamentals of the HVAC trade
• Reading blueprints
• The processes needed for woodworking and construction
• How to use AutoCad
• How to renovate, repair, and paint a pre-1978 dwelling
• General machine safety
• Foundational skills in the welding trade