Personal Enrichment Course Schedule

For questions about any of these classes or how to register, please contact Lisa Webb at 252.493.7317 or lwebb@email.pittcc.edu.


Summer 2022
150214All About Patterns6/29W6p-8p$29COA
152009Sewing: Making a Bag8/16-8/30T6:30p-8:30p$49TBA
150215Sewing: Making a Bag7/24-8/10W6p-8p$49COA
150212Introduction to Jewelry Making6/14-6/15T,W5:30p-7:30p$29CER 202
150213Introduction to Jewelry Making7/12-7/13T,W5:30p-7:30p$29CER 202
150018Introduction to Interior Design7/21-8/11Th6p-8p$79ABW 210
Fall 2022
152007B4U Sew9/7-9/28W6:30p-8:30p$49TBA
152008B4U Sew10/5-10/26W6:30p-8:30p$49TBA
152010Sewing: Making a Bag11/15-11/29T6:30p-8:30p$49TBA
151969Beginner/Intermediate Casting9/6-10/11T6p-8p$115KVW 107B
151970Making a Mold: An Advanced
10/25-11/22T6p-8p$115KVW 107B
151979Creative Painting and Drawing
151980Creative Painting and Drawing
151981Creative Painting and Drawing
151983Oyster Shell Ornament Making11/12Sa10a-1p$29TBA
151982Oyster Shell Ornament Making11/14M10a-1p$29COA
151984Oyster Shell Ornament Making12/3Sa10a-1p$29TBA
151985Silk Scarf Hand Dye Technique9/24Sa10a-1p$49TBA
151944Watercolor Basics9/13-12/6T6:30p-9p$79COA
151945Watercolor Painting9/14-12/7W9:30a-12p$69GCC
151947Watercolor Painting9/14-12/7W1:30p-4p$69GCC



149832Basic Computer Skills7/11-8/8M6p-8p$49CER 142



149837Line Dance6/1-6/22T6p-8p$39.55Ayden Comm
149839Line Dance6/8-6/29W2p4p$39.55Farmville Ctr
149838Line Dance7/13-8/3T6p-8p$39.55Ayden Comm
151899Line Dance - Intermediate 9/6-9/27T6p-8p$39.55Ayden Comm
151902Line Dance10/5-10/26W6p-8p$39.55FV
151900Line Dance10/25-11/15T6p-8p$39.55Ayden Comm
151987Shag Dance - Beginner9/12-10/3M7p-8p$59.55TBA
151988Shag Dance - Beginner10/10-10/31M7p-8p$59.55TBA
151989Shag Dance - Beginner11/7-11/28M7p-8p$59.55TBA
151990Shag Dance - Intermediate9/12-10/3M8p-9p$59.55TBA
151991Shag Dance - Intermediate10/10-10/31M8p-9p$59.55TBA
151992Shag Dance - Intermediate11/7-11/28M8p-9p$59.55TBA


Financial Planning

151854Investing Fundamentals9/19M6p-8p$10CER 201
151856Tour of Mutual Funds10/17M6p-8p$10CER 201
151857Stocks: Nuts and Bolts11/7M6p-8p$10CER 201
151858Outsmart the Scammers12/5M6p-8p$10CER 201



149970Level Up Your Leadership7/18-7/21M,T,W,Th5:30p-8:30p$149CER 201



151762PCC Symphony Orchestra8/23-12/13T6:30p-8:30pFREEKVW 201



149464AAA Roadwise7/16Sa8a-12p$40GS 301
151709AAA Roadwise9/24Sa8a-12p$40GS 301
151710AAA Roadwise11/19Sa8a-12p$40GS 301
151903Basic Pistol8/27Sa8a-6p$99.55GS 301
151904NC Concealed Carry10/15Sa8a-6p$90.55GS 301
151905NC Concealed Carry11/12Sa8a-6p$90.55GS 301



151578Creative Writer's Toolbox9/1-11/17Th6p-8p$99TBA


Course Descriptions


AAA Roadwise

Pitt County Safe Communities Coalition in conjunction with Pitt Community College offer the AAA approved Roadwise course. This course covers a variety of topics for drivers ages 50+. Pre-registration and payment are required. Note: Completion of this course in no way guarantees any privileges or rights under NC applicable law. 4 hours.  

All About Patterns

Students will get a full tour of the outside envelope and then learn how to purchase all that is needed to complete the pattern project from diagrams to instructions. 2 hours.

American Sign Language

You will be introduced to the fundamental elements of American Sign Language within a cultural context to develop basic expressive and receptive skills. Upon completion, you will be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy in American Sign Language and demonstrate cultural awareness. Textbook required: American Sign Language Phrasebook & DVD by Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant). Instructor: Nicole Franklin. 8 hours. 

B4U Sew

Students will learn about fabric, sewing terminology, how to read a pattern, how to measure for proper fitting, basic hand sewing stitches, and finally there will be a total discussion and demonstration on a sewing machine. Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 8 hours.

Basic Computer Skills

The objective of the Basic Computer Skills class is to provide students with basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There will also be opportunities to provide other computer skills based on the needs of the students. 10 hours.

Basic Pistol

You will be introduced to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. You will learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities. If you are bringing your own gun to the range, you must provide your own factory ammo. If you are “renting” from the instructor, you will need to bring $40 cash to the class to pay the instructor for ammunition. Also bring safety glasses and hearing protection. Classroom portion held at the Greenville Center. Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions. For further questions, contact Lisa Webb at 493-7317. Instructor: Robert James. 9 hours.

Beginner/Intermediate Casting

In this course, we will cover the steps to a successful introduction to casting with cuttlefish. Using cuttlefish is an age old practice and provides an introduction to melting metal  and casting. You will learn how to cast and create a final piece of jewelry with your cuttlefish casting. Tools are provided, however, we do ask you bring $10 check or cash for supplies on the first night. Instructor: Lisette Fee. 10 hours.

Beginner/Intermediate Pottery Wheel

Learn the steps to making successful throwing pottery on the potter’s wheel. We will focus on surface decoration and glazing. Tools are provided, however, you must purchase your own clay for $20 a bag. Cash or check accepted at class. Instructor: Lacey Hargroder. 18 hours.

Beginner’s Kayaking

This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of kayaking in a comfortable setting and at a relaxed pace. You will learn about proper strokes and paddling techniques and get the chance to practice those new skills at the beautiful Wildwood Park. Riverside Recreation’s ACA Certified Instructors will also teach the basics of water safety, trip planning, and how to have an enjoyable time on the water. This is a great way to build a new skill set or improve upon what you already know about kayaking. Riverside Recreation provides kayaks, paddles, and all necessary safety equipment. Riverside Recreation. 5 hours.

Beginner’s Tandem Kayaking

This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of maneuvering a tandem kayak. You will learn about proper strokes and paddling techniques and get the chance to practice those new skills at the beautiful Wildwood Park. Riverside Recreation’s ACA Certified Instructors will also teach the basics of water safety, trip planning, and how to have an enjoyable time on the water. This is a great way to build a new skill set or improve upon what you already know about kayaking. Riverside Recreation provides kayaks, paddles, and all necessary safety equipment. Riverside Recreation. 5 hours.

Beginner’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Spend time on the water and learn everything you need to get started in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. You’ll be introduced to the basic strokes and receive personalized instruction to improve your balance and comfort on the board. We will cover important gear and safety concepts before we practice moving from a seated position, to a kneeling position, and to a standing position, remounting our board after falling (or jumping!) in the water, along with basic paddle strokes. This is a great way to build a new skill set or improve upon what you already know about paddle boarding. Paddle boards, paddles, and safety equipment are provided! This is a great class to take in preparation for SUP Yoga. Riverside Recreation. 5 Hours.

Beginning Wire Work Jewelry

Using beads and wire, learn to create your own earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with a few simple techniques. Supplies will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own beads, wire, and jewelry-making pliers. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours. Cost

Belly Dance Fusion Fitness

Join us for a modern take on classical belly dance. We will combine traditional moves with current pop, R&B, and hip-hop hits. There are many health benefits for those who practice this form of dance, including posture and muscle toning, weight loss, stress reduction, brighter and clearer skin, better sleep, decreased back pain, and increased self esteem and confidence! Instructor: Mikkaka Overstreet. 6 hours.

Building Your Own Veggie Garden

Topics will include but not limited to: learning the differences between warm weather/cool weather veggies, growing in ground, in containers, and in raised beds. More topics include companion planting, vertical gardening, starting from seed vs. buying transplants, pruning, attracting bees and pest control. Instructor: J. Carlson.

CCW Legal Update

Do you have your NC Concealed Carry permit and need to update or renew it? Then this is the class for you! You will be updated on NC laws and will be able to re-take the test. *.22 caliber or single action revolvers are not allowed in this course. All firearms must be clean and functioning. 2.5 hours. 

Cadence: Majorette

Cadence is a Majorette styled dance class that will take you through stand and field choreography. All sequences are taught to HBCU styled Marching Band Music, and class follows a warm-up, stand, field show format. If you’re looking for a fun way to work out and build your confidence, this class is for you! 6 hours.

Classical Music: A Primer

Come learn about music for upcoming PCC Symphony Orchestra concerts. Explore the traditions of Western art music via the structure, style and composers of music before attending the concerts! Course content will include listening, lecture, discussion, an introduction to score reading and conducting, and a hands-on introduction to orchestral instruments. No previous musical experience required. 2 hours. 

Conversational Spanish

This will be a weekly Spanish class in which the student will learn Spanish in everyday situations. The class begins with the alphabet and basic greetings and will move on to include the following: telling time, asking for directions, and how to order food.  Instructor: Bryan Williamson. 16 hours.  

Coping with Loss and Grief

Learn positive skills for dealing with loss and grief by understanding the effects and impacts of loss and grief. You will gain an understanding of your personal emotional needs and identify healthy means of support and healing while participating in creative and meaningful music therapy groups. Allow the power of music and other creative arts to help you heal. Whether you are grieving, or dealing with the loss. Allow music and creative expression help you find a path of healing and growth. 2 hours.

Core Communication

Attend the premier applied interpersonal communication skills course-Core Communications. In Core, you will learn six talking skills and five listening skills for resolving conflicts, making decisions, solving problems, and negotiating more effectively. These practical communication skills strengthen your relationships and increase your personal and professional opportunities. Through this program you can expect to develop the confidence that you need to communicate effectively in any situation. Create faster, better resolutions to conflicts, and increase your personal power and influence. Choose specific approaches for handling difficult conversations, and reduce interpersonal tension and stress. 12 hours.

Creating a Budget Confidently

Are you curious about budgeting? You want to manage money better, but you feel clueless where to start? Budgeting is the starting point! Join us for a fun and easy to understand workshop and leave able to confidently create a budget that will get you back on track with money. Instructor: Heather Davis. 2 hours.

Creative Painting and Drawing Studio

A skill building art-making course for adults ages 55+. In this program, participants learn and build on skills needed to draw and paint in a supportive, shared art making studio  environment with one-on-one instruction. All levels of experience are welcome. Instructor: Darlene Williams. 10 hours. 

Creative Writer’s Toolbox

Have you ever wanted to start writing but are not sure where to begin? Well, first you have to write…Now! This interactive creative writing workshop will teach you the basic tools  of creative writing to get you energized and motivated to put words on the page. Instructor: C. Ruotolo. 36 hours. 

Creative Writing Seminar

Whether you are an inexperienced or experienced writer, this course is for you! The emphasis is on creativity, writing, and critique. Assignments are read anonymously and critiqued by class members and the instructor to work toward improved writing technique and communication skills. Tip sheets on the elements of writing are supplemented by exercises. All genres of writing are welcome. Revision and submission for publication and competition are encouraged. Instructor: Patsy O’Leary. 30 hours. 

Family Stories Workshop

Every family has stories to tell, but many are lost before they’re recorded. In this workshop, students will receive guidance in how to write and structure these stories and their own. Through a balance of lecture, stimulating memory exercises, discussion, and class feedback they will be able to create a permanent record of these stories for posterity. Instructor: Patsy O’Leary. 30 hours. 

Fun with Accordion

Calling all who are interested in learning to play the accordion – all level players are welcome! The main class objective for beginners is to learn to play at least one song by the end of the five weeks (although we typically work on several songs over a 5 week period). The class will break down the components to the songs and explore practice techniques to overcome your own individual challenges and to advance your playing. For intermediate to advanced students, you will be challenged to overcome “roadblocks” that may have been holding you back. For everyone – a great time to socialize and make music with the accordion! 5 hours. 

Gardening DIY

Concerned about food shortages? Have you wondered if you could grow your own food in your backyard? Food independence is something we should all be thinking about and gardening is for everyone no matter their background. Learn how to regain some independence over your food supply. This beginner gardening class will prepare you to grow food anywhere. Topics discussed will be soil, container growing. crop selection, growing vertically, seed starting, gardening for the season, and tips and tricks. You will also be provided with resources and there will be a question and answer time. Sabrina Key is a wife, mom of four, entrepreneur and food independence and gardening coach. In 2020 she decided that it was critically important to learn how to be more self-sufficient and regain some power over her food supply. Gardening quickly became a passion and she started her blog Unexpected Gardener in 2021 and began to teach and empower others to grow their own food. Instructor: S. Key.

Guitar for Adult Beginners

Singing is fun when you can accompany yourself on the guitar! Learn the basics of playing guitar: chords, strumming, single string playing, finger-picking, tuning, fundamentals of music and technique. Lots of “hands-on” experience in a variety of styles. Folk song literature will be explored, which is ideal for teachers of early childhood through elementary school children and adults who wish to accompany their families. Acoustic guitar is required. Materials not included. 5 hours. 

Hand Built Candy Dishes

In this course we will cover the use of hump molds to start the base of a ceramic vessel and decorative footing. We will use the coil building ceramic method to build our dishes. We will design and decorate our custom dishes with surface decorating techniques and painting underglazes and glazes for colorful or detailed finishes! Tools and equipment are provided, however, you must purchase your own clay from the PCC bookstore. Instructor: Lacey Hargroder. 15 hours.

Herb Gardening 101

Participants will learn about the differences between warm and cold weather herbs, raised beds and container gardening. They will also receive tips on how to grow from seed, pruning, harvesting, propagation, growing indoors to extend your growing season, and pest control. Participants will go home with a planter box with transplants and some seed starters. Instructor: J. Carlson.

Improving Your Church Choir

Explore techniques for improving choral blend, intonation, diction and repertoire. Learn how to balance the musical and non-musical duties for church musicians, such as recruitment & retention, library, and the church year. Whether you are a volunteer or professional, director or accompanist … this course is for you! 3 hours. 

Intermediate Spanish

This class will encourage you to utilize the language by practicing describing your everyday life, the weather, greetings, and using all that you have learned to hold a simple conversation. Instructor: Bryan Williamson. 12 hours. 

Intro to MS Applications

The most common computer applications that people want to learn are Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Join us to learn tips and tricks in these applications for your class work, presentations, or simple enrichment. Instructor: Sherry Howell. 12 hours. 

Intro to Videography

Learn the latest industry trends and popular software in the world of videography. This course will touch on the foundations of operating your video  camera as well as editing to convey your story or message. In this course you will also learn the basics on developing your ability to capture great video images and audio. No experience required.  Instructor: Timothy Bullock. 28 hours. 

Introduction to Collage

Create your own artistic collage with paper, paints, ink and whatever materials you desire. We will cover composition and material basics as well as provide individual feedback. Some supplies will be provided, however, you can bring any art materials that you are interested in using. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours. Cost

Introduction to Interior Design

In this introduction overview, students will learn what it means to be a designer/decorator and what the role is all about. Topics that will be covered, are. Budgeting, online presence, networking, and organization. Resources such as color theory, lighting, space planning, drawing and rendering, concept boards as well as design projects. A list of materials the student will need on the first night of class will be emailed to the student in advance. 8 hours.  

Introduction to Jewelry Making

In this class, students will learn how to start and finish a piece, determine length, weight of the wires, and what to use. You will also learn how to recycle your old jewelry into a brand new piece using your beads. Each class you will learn how to make necklaces and earrings. A kit from Amazon will be required by the student on the first night of class. A link will be sent to you once registered. This class is in partnership with the Greenville Museum of Art. 2 hours.

Investing Fundamentals

Looking to invest and aren’t sure where to start? This course would define and answer: what is a stock, a bond, a mutual fund, a dividend, how to read ticker symbols, and what is a rate of return. Instructor: Shawn Wilson-Edward Jones. 2 hours.

Level Up Your Leadership

Individuals have a unique opportunity to work with a Certified Life coach and NLP Practitioner who has achieved elite status in her company. She has extracted proven strategies that work in the business world and adapted them into a format that is compatible and enjoyable for adults at any stage of life. This class is ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, corporate leaders as well as parents who feel out of control and want to calm the chaos. Topics include: How to deal with fear and anxiety, How to be a confident leader, Communication skills, Effective time management, and more. Instructor: Rhonda Cimorelli. 12 hours.

Line Dance

Come on out and learn line dances to all types of music from Southern Soul, R&B, and to Country music! This course starts with the basic steps of line dancing. Bring/wear your tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. Instructor: Laura Daniels. 8 hours.

Line Dance – Intermediate

Come on out and learn line dances to all types of music from Southern Soul, R&B, and to Country music! This course will be a bit more in depth than the Basic Line Dance course.  Bring/wear your tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. Instructor: Laura Daniels. 8 hours.

Making a Mold: An Advanced Course

In this course, you will learn how to create your own custom one part mold. Using an organic or found object as a model to create a rubber mold on one side, you will learn how to inject your mold with wax and cast the object itself. You can then create jewelry or an object after casting said object. This is an advanced course and previous experience with  casting is required. Tools are provided, however, we do ask you bring $10 check or cash for supplies on the first night. Instructor: Lisette Fee. 10 hours.

Master the Sewing Machine

Students will learn the parts of the sewing machine and how a stitch is made!  Take a tour of the accessories that come with the basic sewing machine, using them manual for your machine.  Learn proper needles and threads to use alone with basic machine maintenance.  Learn how to perform a basic cleaning for the bobbin area of the machine.  Learn other trouble-shooting for your machine, when to change the needle, when to rethread your machine, how to check for tension adjustments.  Driving lessons, how to pivot, sew a straight line, and much more.  Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 6 hours.

Meal Planning to Save Time and Money

Are you tired of spending too much on food, multiple trips to the grocery store, and still no answer to “what’s for dinner”? When you learn this simple method for meal planning on a budget, you’ll save time and money and wish you’d known about it all along.Instructor: Heather Davis.
2 hours.

Microsoft Excel

Would you like to become more comfortable with Microsoft Excel? Then this is the class for you! We will focus on Excel basics, navigating the interface, learning tools, performing calculations, creating simple formulas, and more. Instructor: Sherry Howell. 16 hours. 

NC Concealed Carry

Learn the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Law as they apply to the rights of citizens to carry a concealed handgun. You will also learn how to apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship. This course will be taught by an NRA Certified Instructor. If you are a first-time shooter, you will need to take the Basic Pistol class prior to this one. Please bring your Driver’s License/picture ID card to class and wear comfortable clothing. If you plan to “rent” a pistol from the instructor, you will need to bring $40 in cash for the instructor to pay for ammunition. Classroom portion will be held at the Greenville Center. Last half of class will be held at the range and you will receive directions via email. *.22 caliber or single action revolvers are not allowed. All firearms must be clean and functioning. For further questions, contact Lisa Webb at 252-493-7317. Instructor: Robert James. 9 hours.

Outsmart the Scammers

This presentation will help give attendees the information they need to outsmart the scammers. Instructor: Shawn Wilson-Edward Jones. 2 hours.

Oyster Shell Ornament Making

Decorate in “Beach Style” with your one of a kind shell ornaments just in time for the holidays. This “how-to” workshop is lots of fun where you can create a unique keepsake or give as a gift. Instructor: Darlene Williams. 3 hours.

PCC Symphony Orchestra

Do you play an orchestral instrument? Join us for an opportunity to gain experience by playing in an ensemble. Emphasis is placed on orchestral techniques and the study and performance of a variety of styles and periods of orchestral and string ensemble literature. Upon completion, you should be able to demonstrate skills needed to participate in ensemble playing leadership to performance. Prerequisite: Completion of high school orchestra or band program, or comparable private lesson experience. All other cases to be determined by audition. Instructor: Michael Stephenson. 34 hours. Cost: FREE

Piano for Adult Beginners

The Music Academy of Eastern Carolina believes that every life needs music and anyone can learn to play the piano. A desire to learn is the only prerequisite. Classes are not about the final products but about the joy found in the process along the way. You will learn basic hand positions, simple melodies, note names, and beginning music reading. You will encourage and support one another as you make music together. (Enrollment of 4 required.) 5 hours. 

Plant Based Cooking

Discover how to cultivate fun and delicious plant-based meals. Learn how to balance your meal plans for your families by understanding which proteins, grains, and legumes to utilize when creating meals. Understand how to flex your plant-based journey while you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Cooking classes are taught by Chef Metisia. You will be emailed a list of the grocery items needed prior to class and any prep that can be completed beforehand. Instructor: Metisia Wooten. 4.5 hours.

Preparing for Auditions

Are you preparing for an audition? Whether you are auditioning for a local group, college or university, or America’s Got Talent, you can experience a successful audition! Let us help you prepare and help you attain minimal stress and anxiety. Our faculty have years of experience with successful audition coaching. Allow yourself to play with ease while performing in an audition. 1.5 hours. 

Reading Music I

You will be introduced to the basics of reading musical notation. Let us help you make sense of printed music! Topics will include note names, key signatures, intervals, scales, and a brief introduction to rudiments of music theory. The content and pacing of this course will be tailored to your specific interests and abilities. (minimum enrollment required) 5 hours. 

Recording Production

Recording Production is a class that will teach students how to do recording in their homes by the use of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) on their computer. Instruction will be provided on the use of microphones, interfaces, DAWs, midis, and many other recording devices. A final project will involve producing your own recording and uploading it to a social media platform. 20 hours. 

Sewing: Making a Bag

Students will take what they learned in the B4USew class and possibly the Master Your Sewing Machine and create a bag.  This class will be enjoyable and …well…FUN! Supply list: Simple tote/bag pattern Fabric,Interfacing for handles Thread, Basic Sewing kit, Sheers andSewing Machine. 6 hours.

Silk Scarf Hand Dye Technique

This is a fabulous and fun workshop using eco-friendly dye papers on a silk scarf. Techniques in creative twisting, folding, batiking, and color applications are explored. A unique  hand dyed silk scarf will be created by each participant to take home and show off! Instructor: Darlene Williams. 3 hours.

Simple Sawn Pendant

Learn the basics of sawing and piercing sheet metal to create a unique pendant of your own design. This is a great introduction to jewelry and metal smithing. Tools and materials provided. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours.

Shag Dance – Beginner

Learn the Shag Dance basic steps. The Shag is the State Dance of North and South Carolina and was created in the 1940’s which continues on today, done by young and old alike. Born out of the old Beach Bop and Jitterbug the Shag has become a favorite dance at weddings and beach/dance clubs all over our state. Beginners will learn the Basic Step,  Female and Male turns, the Start and Belly Roll. The instructors for the class are competitive shaggers at the Professional Level. Come join us and learn this fun and social dance.
Leather sole shoes are preferred or hard bottom, but no rubber soles, please. Instructors: Joe & Lyn Honeycutt. 4 hours. 

Shag Dance – Intermediate

This class is for anyone who knows the Basic Shag steps. These include the Basic Step, Female and Male turns and Start. Our first class will begin with the Shag Pivot. During this four week session you will learn mirror patterns and lead follows that can be done with a partner or out social dancing; all to the beach music of the south. For this class a partner is highly recommended. It’s all about the footwork and mirroring you partners steps and movements. The instructors for the class are competitive shaggers at the Professional Level. Leather sole shoe are preferred or hard bottom, but no rubber soles, please. Instructors: Joe & Lyn Honeycutt.4 hours. 

Spanish I

Jumpstart your Spanish conversations with this beginning Spanish course! We will help you become familiar with the Spanish language by learning the alphabet, numbers, months, and days of the week. You will also learn greetings, how to describe locations, and verbs. Instructor: Bryan Williamson. 12 hours. 

Stocks: Nuts and Bolts

This presentation shares basic information to help investors evaluate how many stocks may fit into an overall strategy. Instructor: Shawn Wilson-Edward Jones. 2 hours.

Strut: Social Line Dance

Social line dancing at its finest! If you love dancing socially and you want instruction that is high energy, this class is for you! 6 hours.

Super Savvy

This class is perfect for anyone getting behind the computer for the first time. Even if you have used a computer but are not sure what to do, this class is for you! This simple computer skills class focuses on your level of knowledge and builds your skills. At the end of this course, we hope that you will feel more tech savvy. Instructor: Starlena Fornis. 28 hours.

Sweetheart Cooking Class

Join Chef Metisia for a couple Valentine’s Day dinner inspired cooking session. Learn fun cooking techniques in a group setting for either a date day class or getting to cook a great dish to surprise your significant other!  Learn how to create flavorful colorful dishes that will excite you and your sweetie’s taste buds. You will leave with recipes and ideas on how to recreate this meal on Valentine’s Day for each other and have fun in the kitchen. Join us for this special date night session. Ingredient list will be emailed to students the week of the class. Instructor: Metisia Wooten  2 hours.

Tablet Techniques

Do you have a new tablet and not sure what to do or thinking of purchasing? Join us for a brief class on learning the basics of a tablet. Tablets will be provided to students during this class. Topics will include, but not limited to MS Apps, camera tips, use of internet and how to communicate on your tablet. Instructor: Melissa Davis. 3 hours.  

Tour of Mutual Funds

Take a detailed look at the features, benefits and risks associated with mutual funds as well as a map to the mutual fund selection. Instructor: Shawn Wilson-Edward Jones. 2 hours.

UAS Orientation & Prep (Remote Pilot for Drones)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that drone operators will have to pass a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Part 107 aeronautical knowledge test as one of the requirements for legally flying drones commercially. Discover what commercial drone/UAS operators will need to know in order to pass the FAA Part 107 certification test. Learn pertinent information regarding regulations, airspace, weather, and more. Instructors: Dan Mayo, William Lewis, Mike Nicholson. 24 hours.

Ukulele for Adult Beginners

The ukulele is a fun and easy to learn instrument! Even if you have never played an instrument before, you will be playing the ukulele after the very first class! Explore basic chords, simple strums, and fun songs together as a group class. You will need to bring your own ukulele. 5 hours. 

Vacation on a Dime

Emily would love to share tips and tricks that she has learned along the way to get around the state, country, continent, and the world on a shoestring budget. Topics include deciding where to travel to stretch your budget, how to find the best lodging for your needs and wallet, and free travel apps/websites that are essential to help stretch your budget. Other topics include allowing for a more “local” experience, travel insurance (when you need it and how to avoid scams), and all-inclusive resorts and cruising. Instructor: Emily Reid. 2 hours. $29.

Watercolor Basics

Learn the art of watercolor painting! You will be introduced to the basics of working with watercolor paints and applying various techniques to create your own painting. The class is an excellent outlet opportunity. Instructor: Judy Dye. 15 hours. 

Watercolor Painting

This class is for all levels of watercolor interest and knowledge. Basic skills will be introduced if you are new. If you are more intermediate, your focus will be on independent study to help develop your own painting style. We will encourage you to participate in local art events/art organizations. Individual guidance will be given to all students. Instructor: Judy Dye. 15 hours. 

Yoga Trapeze

The Yoga Trapeze is a suspension yoga system used to relieve back pain, reduce stress, and improve your grip and core strength. Interested in improving your flexibility and developing your core and upper body strength? This class is for you! 6 hours. 


Looking for a fun way to burn those calories? Join the party! Zumba is a fusion of dance and fitness with a playlist jam-packed with exhilarating international music. It is beginner friendly and can be modified no matter what your fitness level is. Instructor: Sarah Manley. 5 hours.