Personal Enrichment Course Schedule


132215Introduction to Collage2/3-2/10M6p-9p$39KVW 107B
132248Beginning Puppet Building2/10-3/2M6p-9p$39GS 202
132250Beginning Digital Art2/13-2/27Th6p-9p$39GS 202
132217Beginning Wire Work Jewelry2/17-2/24M6p-9p$39KVW 107B
132379Beginning Sewing: Make Your Own Lounge Pants2/18-3/10T6:30p-8:30p$49CER 247
132249Beginning Puppet Building3/4-3/25W6p-9p$39GS 202
132219Beadweaving for Beginners3/16-3/23M6p-9p$39KVW 107B
132373B4U Sew3/17-4/7T6:30p-8:30p$49GS 202
132251Beginning Digital Art3/19-4/2Th6p-9p$39CER 246
132377Master the Sewing Machine3/19-3/26Th6:30p-8:30p$29GS 202
132216Introduction to Collage3/30-4/6M6p-9p$39KVW 107B
132218Beginning Wire Work Jewelry4/13-4/20M6p-9p$39KVW 107B
132220Beadweaving for Beginners4/27-5/4M6p-9p$39KVW 107B



132443Microsoft Applications2/3-2/26MW6p-8p$75GS 402
132444Microsoft Excel3/16-4/8MW6p-8p$75GS 402



132453Learn to Shag2/4-2/25T6:30p-7:30p$39TBA
132428Beyond Basic - Shag2/4-2/25T7:45p-8:45p$39TBA
132246Belly Dance Fusion Fitness2/6-3/12Th5:30p-6:30p$39TBA
132454Learn to Shag3/3-3/24T6:30p-7:30p$39TBA
132430Beyond Basic - Shag3/3-3/24T7:45p-8:45p$39TBA
132247Belly Dance Fusion Fitness4/7-5/12T5:30p-6:30p$39TBA
132456Learn to Shag4/7-4/28T6:30p-7:30p$39TBA
132431Beyond Basic - Shag4/7-4/28T7:45p-8:45p$39TBA


Health & Wellness

132266Coping with Loss and Grief2/7F3:30p-5:30p$19MAEC
132273Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music2/17M12:15p-1:15p$15MAEC
132281Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety2/21F4p-5:30p$15MAEC
132268Coping with Loss and Grief3/13F3:30p-5:30p$19MAEC
132284Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety3/27F4p-5:30p$15MAEC
132269Coping with Loss and Grief4/3F3:30p-5:30p$19MAEC
132274Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music4/6M12:15p-1:15p$15MAEC
132287Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety4/24F4p-5:30p$15MAEC
132270Coping with Loss and Grief5/8F3:30p-5:30p$19MAEC
132290Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety5/8F4p-5:30p$15MAEC
132277Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music5/18M12:15p-1:15p$15MAEC


In the Kitchen

132223International Cuisine1/11-2/1Sa10a-1p$79TBA
132224Coffee 101 - Crop to Cup2/4-2/25T6p-7:30p$39CER 245
132221Let's Cook Vegan2/29-3/21
*class will meet Friday, 3/13 from 6pm-9pm instead of 3/14
132225Coffee 101 - Crop to Cup4/7-4/28T6p-7:30p$39CER 245
132214Keto Cooking Class4/17-4/24



132607Spanish I1/27-3/2M6:30p-8:30p$49GS 301
132426American Sign Language2/6-4/24Th6p-8p$99CER 146
132227Core Communication3/9-4/13M6:30p-8:30p$59GS 202
132608Intermediate Spanish3/23-4/27M6:30p-8:30p$49GS 301
132228Couples Communication4/2-4/23Th6:30p-8:30p$39 per personGS 202


Leisure Activities

132485Try Scuba1/25Sa2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132486Try Scuba2/9Su2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132487Try Scuba2/29Sa2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132488Try Scuba3/15Su2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132489Try Scuba3/28Sa2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132490Try Scuba4/5Su2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive
132491Try Scuba4/25Sa2p-4p$40Rum Runner Dive



132361Piano for Adult Beginners2/4-3/3T12p-1p$59MAEC
132348Fun with Accordion2/4-3/3T1p-2p$59MAEC
132212Music Business Essentials2/4-3/3T6p-8p$99BWMG
132388Improving Your Church Choir2/5-2/19W9:30a-10:30a$25MAEC
132410Reading Music I2/5-3/4T11a-12p$59MAEC
132296Finale Software Arrangement2/6-2/20Th12p-1p$25MAEC
132392Preparing for Auditions2/6Th2p-3:30p$15MAEC
132322Art of Self-Promotion2/6-2/20Th5p-6p$25MAEC
132407Classical Music: A Primer2/7F4p-6p$15MAEC
132396Guitar for Adult Beginners2/26-3/25W12p-1p$59MAEC
132399Guitar for Adult Beginners2/26-3/25W6:30p-7:30p$59MAEC
132404Ukulele for Adult Beginners3/6-4/3Th12p-1p$59MAEC
132362Piano for Adult Beginners3/10-4/7T12p-1p$59MAEC
132349Fun with Accordion3/10-4/7T1p-2p$59MAEC
132389Improving Your Church Choir3/11-3/25W9:30a-10:30a$25MAEC
132300Finale Software Arrangement3/12-3/26Th12p-1p$25MAEC
132323Art of Self-Promotion3/12-3/26Th5p-6p$25MAEC
132408Classical Music: A Primer3/13F4p-6p$15MAEC
132262Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family3/16-3/30M1p-2p$25MAEC
132393Preparing for Auditions3/19Th2p-3:30p$15MAEC
132213Music Business Essentials3/31-4/28T6p-8p$99BWMG
132387Piano for Adult Beginners4/21-5/19T12p-1p$59MAEC
132350Fun with Accordion4/21-5/19T1p-2p$59MAEC
132411Reading Music I4/22-5/20T11a-12p$59MAEC
132401Guitar for Adult Beginners4/22-5/20W12p-1p$59MAEC
132301Finale Software Arrangement4/23-5/7Th12p-1p$25MAEC
132324Art of Self-Promotion4/23-5/7Th5p-6p$25MAEC
132405Ukulele for Adult Beginners4/24-5/22Th12p-1p$59MAEC
132265Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family4/27-5/11M1p-2p$25MAEC
132320Finale Software Arrangement5/14-5/28Th12p-1p$25MAEC
132327Art of Self-Promotion5/14-5/28Th5p-6p$25MAEC



132257AAA Roadwise1/25Sa8a-12p$30GS 202
132232UAS Orientation & Prep (Remote Pilot for Drones)2/4-2/27TTh6p-9p$99CER 144
132295Basic Pistol2/8Sa8a-6p$90GS 201
132297Basic Pistol3/21Sa8a-6p$90GS 201
132258AAA Roadwise3/28Sa8a-12p$30GS 202
132299NC Concealed Carry4/18Sa8a-6p$90GS 202
132298CCW Legal Update4/18Sa1:30p-4p$49GS 302



132235Creative Writing Seminar1/7-3/24T6:30p-9:30p$69GS 302
132237Creative Writing Seminar1/9-3/26Th6:30p-9:30p$69GS 302
132238Family Stories Workshop1/13-3/30M1:30p-4:30p$79COA
132252Poetry Writing1/23-3/12Th2:30p-4:30p$59FV
132226Creative Writing for College Success3/25-4/29W6p-8p$59GS 302
132253Poetry Writing3/26-5/14Th6p-8p$59CER 144


For questions about any of these classes or how to register, please contact Lisa Webb at 252.493.7317 or

NC Concealed Carry

Learn the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Law as they apply to the rights of citizens to carry a concealed handgun. You will also learn how to apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship. This course will be taught by an NRA Certified Instructor. If you are a first-time shooter, you will need to take the Basic Pistol class prior to this one. Please bring your Driver’s License/picture ID card to class and wear comfortable clothing. If you plan to “rent” a pistol from the instructor, you will need to bring $30-$40 in cash for the instructor to pay for ammunition. *.22 caliber or single action revolvers are not allowed. All firearms must be clean and functioning. For further questions, contact Lisa Webb at 252-493-7317. Instructor: Robert James. 9 hours.

CCW Legal Update

Do you have your NC Concealed Carry permit and need to update or renew it? Then this is the class for you! You will be updated on NC laws and will be able to re-take the test. *.22 caliber or single action revolvers are not allowed in this course. All firearms must be clean and functioning. 2.5 hours. 

Basic Pistol

You will be introduced to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. You will learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities. If you are bringing your own gun to the range, you must provide your own factory ammo. Also bring safety glasses and hearing protection. Classroom portion held at the Greenville Center. Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions. For further questions, contact Lisa Webb at 493-7317. Instructor: Robert James. 9 hours. 

AAA Roadwise

Pitt County Safe Communities Coalition in conjunction with Pitt Community College offer the AAA approved Roadwise course. This course covers a variety of topics for drivers ages 50+. Pre-registration and payment are required. Note: Completion of this course in no way guarantees any privileges or rights under NC applicable law. 4 hours.  

UAS Orientation & Prep (Remote Pilot for Drones)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that drone operators will have to pass a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Part 107 aeronautical knowledge test as one of the requirements for legally flying drones commercially. Discover what commercial drone/UAS operators will need to know in order to pass the FAA Part 107 certification test. Learn pertinent information regarding regulations, airspace, weather, and more. Instructors: Dan Mayo, William Lewis, Mike Nicholson. 24 hours.

Try Scuba

Would you like the chance to try scuba diving? We will hold a brief classroom portion to dispel myths and explain procedures before the pool experience. ‘Try Scuba’ is done in a shallow pool so that you can just stand up. While this is not a scuba certification, there are further opportunities to take scuba training. This class is held in partnership with Rum Runner Dive Shop. 2 hours.

Microsoft Applications

You will be introduced to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and how to effectively use these software programs to enhance record keeping skills. Other subject matters may be discussed depending on the level of each student. Instructor: Sherry Howell. 16 hours. 

Microsoft Excel

Would you like to become more comfortable with Microsoft Excel? Then this is the class for you! We will focus on Excel basics, navigating the interface, learning tools, performing calculations, creating simple formulas, and more. Instructor: Sherry Howell. 16 hours. 

Watercolor Basics

Learn the art of watercolor painting! You will be introduced to the basics of working with watercolor paints and applying various techniques to create your own painting. The class is an excellent outlet opportunity. Instructor: Judy Dye. 27.5 hours. 

Watercolor Painting

This class is for all levels of watercolor interest and knowledge. Basic skills will be introduced if you are new. If you are more intermediate, your focus will be on independent study to help develop your own painting style. We will encourage you to participate in local art events/art organizations. Individual guidance will be given to all students. Instructor: Judy Dye. 27.5 hours. 

Adventuring into Silk Painting

Whether you are a beginner or are experienced, you will have the opportunity to further your skills in the fundamentals of art by formulating beautiful paintings on silk fabric. All basic materials will be provided with access to open studio hours. Instructor: Sarah Setzco. 15 hours. 

Metal Working and Design

Get introduced to basic metal working techniques and skills such as sawing, drilling, filing, soldering, riveting, texturing and polishing. Emphasis is placed on fabricating jewelry and small sculptures. Basic materials will be provided with access to open studio hours. Instructor: Sarah Setzco. 15 hours. 

Belly Dance Fusion Fitness

Join us for a modern take on classical belly dance. We will combine traditional moves with current pop, R&B, and hip-hop hits. There are many health benefits for those who practice this form of dance, including posture and muscle toning, weight loss, stress reduction, brighter and clearer skin, better sleep, decreased back pain, and increased self esteem and confidence! Instructor: Mikkaka Overstreet. 6 hours. 

Learn to Shag

Come and learn the “Dance of the Carolinas.” You will learn the basic steps of shag dancing. It is recommended that you wear hard sole shoes or you are welcome to dance in your socks. A dancing partner is suggested, but not required. Instructor: Suzanne Burchfiel. 4 hours. 

Beyond Basic – Shag

This course is a continuation of Learn to Shag. You will continue the basic steps as well as adding on more! It is recommended that you wear hard sole shoes or you are welcome to dance in your socks. A dancing partner is suggested, but not required. Instructors: Rick and Suzanne Burchfiel. 4 hours. 

Spanish I

Jumpstart your Spanish conversations with this beginning Spanish course! We will help you become familiar with the Spanish language by learning the alphabet, numbers, months, and days of the week. You will also learn greetings, how to describe locations, and verbs. Instructor: Bryan Williamson. 12 hours. 

Intermediate Spanish

This class will encourage you to utilize the language by practicing describing your everyday life, the weather, greetings, and using all that you have learned to hold a simple conversation. Instructor: Bryan Williamson. 12 hours. 

Core Communication

Join us for a premier applied interpersonal communication skills course. You will learn six talking skills and five listening skills for resolving conflicts, making decisions, solving problems, and negotiating more effectively. These practical communication skills strengthen your relationships and increase your personal and professional opportunities. Through this program, you can expect to: Develop confidence that you can communicate effectively in any situation; Create faster, better resolutions to conflicts; Increase your personal power and influence; Choose specific approaches for handling difficult conversations; and Reduce interpersonal tension and stress. Packet is required and costs $42. Instructor: Martha Brown. 12 hours. 

Couples Communication

Learn concepts and skills that will help you and your partner listen, talk, and relate to one another as well as increase your interpersonal competence to help you both live a more satisfactory and meaningful life. A Couples Communication with ($41.95) or without scripture ($39.95) will be required. (One packet per couple). For order information, contact Lisa Webb at 493-7317. Instructor: Martha Brown. 8 hours. 

American Sign Language

You will be introduced to the fundamental elements of American Sign Language within a cultural context to develop basic expressive and receptive skills. Upon completion, you will be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy in American Sign Language and demonstrate cultural awareness. Textbook required: American Sign Language Phrasebook & DVD by Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant). Instructor: Nicole Franklin. 8 hours. 

Ukulele for Adult Beginners

The ukulele is a fun and easy to learn instrument! Even if you have never played an instrument before, you will be playing the ukulele after the very first class! Explore basic chords, simple strums, and fun songs together as a group class. You will need to bring your own ukulele. 5 hours. 

Fun with Accordion

Calling all who are interested in learning to play the accordion – all level players are welcome! The main class objective for beginners is to learn to play at least one song by the end of the five weeks (although we typically work on several songs over a 5 week period). The class will break down the components to the songs and explore practice techniques to overcome your own individual challenges and to advance your playing. For intermediate to advanced students, you will be challenged to overcome “roadblocks” that may have been holding you back. For everyone – a great time to socialize and make music with the accordion! 5 hours. 

Music Business Essentials

You will learn a brief history on the constant changes and mainstays of the music business and industry (with new changes to the industry and business). Some of the topics include protecting your intellectual property, song encoding, contracts, record companies and radio, and an introduction to live performance and touring. Instructor: Leander Tate. 10 hours. 

Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family

Capture your journey in life through song; a wonderful gift for your family. Use songs already written, or create lyrics of your own.  Songs can be new, or can be favorites from long ago. Leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones with your treasure of music. 3 hours. 

Family Stories Workshop

Every family has stories to tell, but many are lost before they’re recorded. In this workshop, students will receive guidance in how to write and structure these stories and their own. Through a balance of lecture, stimulating memory exercises, discussion, and class feedback they will be able to create a permanent record of these stories for posterity. Instructor: Patsy O’Leary. 36 hours. 

Creative Writing for College Success

This interactive creative writing class will help you compose, compile, and ready your work for publication. Topicsinclude journaling, story/vision boarding, expository writing, screenwriting basics, character development, scene and dialogue development, as well as resume writing & public speaking basics. When you are finished with this class, you will have work ready to send out for publication and will be better prepared for college English classes. Instructor: Christina Ruotolo. 12 hours. 

Beginning Sewing: Make Your Own Lounge Pants

Learn how to make a basic pair of lounge pants. Skills learned will be pattern and fabric, sewing a straight stitch, how to make a casing, and measuring for elastic and basic hems. Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 8 hours. 

B4U Sew

Learn about fabric, sewing terminology, how to read a pattern, how to measure for proper fitting, basic hand sewing stitches, and finally there will be a total discussion and demonstration on a sewing machine. Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 6 hours. 

Master the Sewing Machine

Learn the parts of the sewing machine and how a stitch is made!Take a tour of the accessories that come with the basic sewing machine, using them manual for your machine.Learn proper needles and threads to use alone with basic machine maintenance.Learn how to perform a basic cleaning for the bobbin area of the machine.Learn other trouble-shooting for your machine, when to change the needle, when to rethread your machine, how to check for tension adjustments.Driving lessons, how to pivot, sew a straight line, and much more. Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 4 hours. 

All About Patterns

Join us for a full tour of the outside envelope and then learn how to purchase all that is needed to complete the pattern project from diagrams to instructions. Instructor: Elizabeth Weidner. 1.5 hours. 

Beginning Digital Art

Digital Art has become a major aspect of the art community, but there can be a steep learning curve. We will teach you the basics of how to navigate some of the programs used in today’s digital art world. We will primarily focus on programs on the iPad, but if you use alternative devices and software, the course and lessons will be adapted. Instructor: Shawn Durington. 9 hours. 

Beginning Puppet Building

Puppets are a part of our lives with Sesame Street, The Muppets, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance; they surround us. We will teach you how to create a quality, video-ready puppet. You will learn pattern cutting, sewing techniques, and puppet construction. At the end of the course, you will have a fully-functioning puppet that is ready for performance! Instructor: Shawn Durington. 9 hours. 

Beginning Wire Work Jewelry

Using beads and wire, learn to create your own earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with a few simple techniques. Supplies will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own beads, wire, and jewelry-making pliers. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours. 

Beadweaving for Beginners

Learn to create a flat “fabric” or three-dimensional shapes with seed beads through a variety of off loom techniques. These techniques can be used to create finished works of jewelry or other craft components. We will also discuss bead types and thread types, as well as bead weaving design basics. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours. 

Introduction to Collage

Create your own artistic collage with paper, paints, ink and whatever materials you desire. We will cover composition and material basics as well as provide individual feedback. Some supplies will be provided, however, you can bring any art materials that you are interested in using. Instructor: Elizabeth Steiner. 6 hours. 

Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety

Learn to overcome anxiety (a little nervousness or outright terror) when performing before an audience or in an audition. Gain an understanding of your  own personality dynamics and how they are related to performance; explore relaxation techniques useful before and during performances or public appearances, and explore how to improve your overall performance health. This class is for musicians, actors, dancers, public speakers and any others who want to improve your public performance skills. 1.5 hours. 

Preparing for Auditions

Are you preparing for an audition? Whether you are auditioning for a local group, college or university, or America’s Got Talent, you can experience a successful audition! Let us help you prepare and help you attain minimal stress and anxiety. Our faculty have years of experience with successful audition coaching. Allow yourself to play with ease while performing in an audition. 1.5 hours. 

Creative Writing Seminar

Whether you are an inexperienced or experienced writer, this course is for you! The emphasis is on creativity, writing, and critique. Assignments are read anonymously and critiqued by class members and the instructor to work toward improved writing technique and communication skills. Tip sheets on the elements of writing are supplemented by exercises. All genres of writing are welcome. Revision and submission for publication and competition are encouraged. Instructor: Patsy O’Leary. 36 hours. 

Poetry Writing

Explore elements of poetry and how to create poems of various types in a small group writers workshop environment. Instructor: Lea Davis. 16 hours. 

Classical Music: A Primer

Come learn about music for upcoming PCC Symphony Orchestra concerts. Explore the traditions of Western art music via the structure, style and composers of music before attending the concerts! Course content will include listening, lecture, discussion, an introduction to score reading and conducting, and a hands-on introduction to orchestral instruments. No previous musical experience required. 2 hours. 

Improving Your Church Choir

Explore techniques for improving choral blend, intonation, diction and repertoire. Learn how to balance the musical and non-musical duties for church musicians, such as recruitment & retention, library, and the church year. Whether you are a volunteer or professional, director or accompanist … this course is for you! 3 hours. 

New Horizons Band

Did you play in band during high school? Have you always wanted to learn to play a flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or another instrument? It’s never too late to learn! New Horizons Band is for adult musicians, novice and experienced. We will help you learn from the beginning or help you “relearn.” No auditions are required but you will need your own instrument. Playing an instrument is great for maintaining finger movement, helping to keep arthritic hand limber and maintaining and improving respiratory functioning. In addition, social fun is good for everyone! New Horizons Band plays for a variety of locations and activities in the community, such as senior living centers, senior social clubs, concerts, celebrations, and community events. 40.5 hours.

New Horizons Band – Beginner

Did you play in band during high school? Have you always wanted to learn to play a flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or another instrument? It’s never too late to learn! New Horizons Band is for adult musicians, novice and experienced. We will help you learn from the beginning or help you “relearn.” No auditions are required but you will need your own instrument. Playing an instrument is great for maintaining finger movement, helping to keep arthritic hand limber and maintaining and improving respiratory functioning. In addition, social fun is good for everyone! New Horizons Band plays for a variety of locations and activities in the community, such as senior living centers, senior social clubs, concerts, celebrations, and community events. 27 hours.

PCC Symphony Orchestra

Do you play an orchestral instrument? Join us for an opportunity to gain experience by playing in an ensemble. Emphasis is placed on orchestral techniques and the study and performance of a variety of styles and periods of orchestral and string ensemble literature. Upon completion, you should be able to demonstrate skills needed to participate in ensemble playing leadership to performance. Prerequisite: Completion of high school orchestra or band program, or comparable private lesson experience. All other cases to be determined by audition. Instructor: Michael Stephenson. 34 hours. Cost: FREE

Reading Music I

You will be introduced to the basics of reading musical notation. Let us help you make sense of printed music! Topics will include note names, key signatures, intervals, scales, and a brief introduction to rudiments of music theory. The content and pacing of this course will be tailored to your specific interests and abilities. (minimum enrollment required) 5 hours. 

Art of Self-Promotion

Explore ways to promote your music and skills through Social Media, building a Website, Music Blogs, collaborating with other musicians and other promotional materials and skills.Working with professionals from the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina, you will have the opportunity to draft and create your materials. You will need to bring your own laptop. Be sure to bring your creativity and excitement for this experience! 5 hours. 

Finale Software Arrangement

Learn how to notate music in Finale, the industry recognized music notation software, and create professional lead sheets, tablature, or orchestral scores. Help is available for you to understand this program, from beginner basics to advanced techniques. 3 hours. 

Piano for Adult Beginners

The Music Academy of Eastern Carolina believes that every life needs music and anyone can learn to play the piano. A desire to learn is the only prerequisite. Classes are not about the final products but about the joy found in the process along the way. You will learn basic hand positions, simple melodies, note names, and beginning music reading. You will encourage and support one another as you make music together. (Enrollment of 4 required.) 5 hours. 

The Celebration Singers

Love to sing? Celebration Singers is a fun and social group for adults! We sing for a variety of locations and activities in the community such as senior living centers, senior social clubs, concerts, celebrations, and community events. Come enjoy music from Gospel to Broadway show tunes, and just about everything in between! Group singing offers benefits such as deep and controlled breathing, focus on maintaining good use of your lungs, diaphragm, and abdominal muscles, and engaging in continued learning for your brain. Add music to your health! Attend as often as you can – we understand life is full of appointments and travel! You do not have to be an expert musician. If music reading seems like a foreign language, it’s ok. We will gladly help and teach the music for all levels. There are no auditions; come and enjoy the fun! 14 hours. 

Guitar for Adult Beginners

Singing is fun when you can accompany yourself on the guitar! Learn the basics of playing guitar: chords, strumming, single string playing, finger-picking, tuning, fundamentals of music and technique. Lots of “hands-on” experience in a variety of styles. Folk song literature will be explored, which is ideal for teachers of early childhood through elementary school children and adults who wish to accompany their families. Acoustic guitar is required. Materials not included. 5 hours. 


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a songwriter, but were unsure where to begin? Join us as we unlock the mysteries of songwriting. Learn how to turn musical and lyrical ideas into finished songs. Explore a variety of techniques for writing lyrics and melodies, and discover how to develop interesting harmonic accompaniments. And, investigate the business of songwriting; demo recording, music publishing, record release and protecting your songs. Limited to 6 participants. 5 hours. 

Coping with Loss and Grief

Learn positive skills for dealing with loss and grief by understanding the effects and impacts of loss and grief. You will gain an understanding of your personal emotional needs and identify healthy means of support and healing while participating in creative and meaningful music therapy groups. Allow the power of music and other creative arts to help you heal. Whether you are dealing with the loss through death, dementia of your loved ones, PTSD or other trauma, a terminal illness, or life’s ever changing situations such as job loss, music, and creative expression can help you find a path of healing and growth. 2 hours.

Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music

Want to lower your stress or anxiety?  Use the power of your mind and learn how, through music therapy, to attain a sense of relaxation.  Music therapy has always been a great healer.  Music is a significant mood-changer and reliever of tension. Involvement in music has shown to decrease heart rates and to promote higher body temperature – a sign of the body relaxing! Relaxation can lower metabolism and help treat chronic pain and insomnia. Through learning techniques for deep relaxation, you can focus on relaxing the mind and the body at the same time. Come and let our music therapists help you facilitate the experience of rhythm and music, bringing you a calming effect. Learn techniques and skills you can practice at home on your own. Combining music therapy with relaxation therapy is more efficient than doing relaxation alone. Let us help you make the process of relaxation easier for yourself. This is caring for yourself time! 1 hour. 

International Cuisine

Have you ever scrolled through a magazine or the internet and wondered how certain foods would taste if you had the chance to try them? “Around the world” kitchen adventures are creative ways to travel the world through your taste buds! Certified Chef, Metisia Wooten, takes you on a fun food tour around the world! You will leave with knowledge, recipes, and an excitement to try new things. Instructor: Metisia Wooten. 12 hours.

Let’s Cook Vegan

In today’s society, plant based diets have so many options to choose from in order to create a healthy balance. Creating flavor and meals that you enjoy will allow you to continue your Vegan lifestyle without the headache of what to eat next. We will cover recipes and designing a menu for you to enjoy. Trying new things can be exciting, so sign up and join us for a fun experience with Certified Chef, Metisia Wooten. 12 hours.

Keto Cooking Class

Do you have trouble creating tasty and eye catching Keto meals? Keto meal planning can be a challenge, especially if you are not utilizing all of the flavors and foods around you. Learn to gravitate away from store bought and learn to create fresh, healthy, keto-friendly meals. If you create fabulous meals that you enjoy, you will be more apt to stick to your process. Join Certified Chef, Metisia Wooten, and learn how to create and have fun with Keto! 10 hours.

Coffee 101 – Crop to Cup

Coffee is an extremely broad topic. We will examine at an introductory level, how origin (elevation/terroir), processing (washed/natural/honey), the roast (light to dark), and how grinding and brewing methods all impact what you ultimately end up with in your cup. Our last session includes grind and brew demonstrations to taste coffee and use our coffee taster’s flavor wheel to evaluate…PLUS you will receive a bag of coffee to take home. 6 hours.