Sales 101 The Basics

There’s No Getting Around It

Selling is a major part of the success of all businesses big or small.  Sales 101 The Basics is an instructor-led, six-module, online sales course developed from a sales curriculum delivered to and put into practice by sales teams across the world. The course is designed for anyone looking to develop a solid foundation of sales skills or brush up on key sales concepts. By the end of the course, students will be confident in their sales knowledge and able to follow a sales process to have the best opportunity for success with prospects.  If you are interested, contact Roslyn Bethea at 252-493-7208 or rybethea741@my.pittcc.edu.

Sales 101 The Basics, offered through a partnership with Creative Allies, is a self-paced course taught by Larry Long, Jr., an expert who has helped people, teams, and organizations go from good to great for over fifteen years.  You will receive:

  • 6 core modules from prospecting, time management, and more
  • 12+ expert guest interviews to spotlight and expand on each lesson
  • Worksheets + optional quizzes
  • Weekly group deep-dive discussions on course topics

What Topics Will We Cover?

Time Management

Either you run your day or your day runs you. Where will you spend your time? The lesson teaches how to reinforce tradeoffs associated with time management and how to develop processes and techniques to maximize your time, energy, and resources.


Where are the big fish, and what bait will you use to get them to bite?  The lesson covers the fundamentals of prospecting, structuring a prospecting plan and provides strategies for prospecting.


Just like a doctor analyzes a patient, as a sales pro you must diagnose and address your customer’s needs, and make a plan. The lesson will share insights on why discovery is so important.  It will also assist with producing targeted questions in order to be confident in your questioning.


Show your capabilities and be laser-focused on solving your customer’s problems. The lesson is all about teaching how to build confidence in your demo skills.

Pipeline Management

Learn how to stay organized and manage your pipeline to move the deal forward.  The lesson will teach tools on how to manage prospects and customers.


How to ask for and win the business. The lesson gives nine tips on how to properly close a deal. 


Larry Long, Jr.

Larry Long, Jr. is an experienced Sales Leader with a demonstrated history of success in SaaS sales. Passionate about coaching, and proven track record of hitting goals and helping sales professionals take their game to the next level. Highly skilled in: Sales, Team Development, Leadership, Motivation, Sales Training, Sales Development, Cold Calling, Enterprise Software, Sales Operations and Having Fun.


7/19/22 – 8/16/22


Registration fee is $399.


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This course is offered through a partnership with Creative Allies.

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Effective sales skills are vital to success in business and life. The Sales 101 The Basics instructor-led course is designed to give you the essentials to create a solid foundation on which to build upon. Learn step by step how to create, execute and iterate your sales plan. This course is meant for someone with entry-level experience in sales. The course combines a blend of video instruction, interviews with industry experts to deep dive into specific topics, as well as exercises to put key learnings into practice. Instructor Larry Long, Jr. 20 hours