Non-Profit Management

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With over 1.3 million organizations accounting for over 11 million employees, non-profit organizations make up one of the most vibrant sectors in the US economy. Managing those organizations requires a unique combination of compassion, purpose and administrative skill. In this 100% online course, you will learn the fundamental principles of non-profit management. Designed for new non-profit leaders and those who wish to join the non-profit sector, key topics include managerial skills, finance and accounting, employment law, marketing, leadership, communication, budgeting, and fundraising.

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Job Outlook for Non-Profit Management

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists Social and Community Service Managers among its fastest-growing job categories, forecasting 17% growth in demand between now and 2029. The BLS attributes this strong growth to an increasing need for services for the elderly, mental health services, and a trend that substitutes social and mental health treatment for incarceration.
  • According to the BLS, Social and Community Service Managers earn $67,150 per year nationwide, on average. PayScale.com estimates that non-profit leaders earn $71,346 per year, on average. PayScale.com’s survey of 3,977 non-profit leaders discovered that 64% are female, with salaries ranging from $41-123,000 per year.

Registration and Enrollment

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What are the duties of a Non-Profit Manager?
Non-profit managers are responsible to see that the organization is fulfilling its stated purpose. They oversee the organization’s daily operations, including staffing, service delivery, financial leadership and regulatory compliance. In smaller non-profit organizations, managers may oversee an entire operation, while managers in large non-profits often direct departments or divisions of the organization.

What job titles are associated with non-profit management?
Job titles for non-profit managers usually convey their responsibilities for the organization’s leadership and direction. They may include titles such as:

  • Administrator
  • Business Office Supervisor
  • Chief Executive Compliance Director
  • Corporate Giving Manager
  • Development Director
  • Executive Director
  • Foundation Director
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Grant Proposal Manager
  • Member Services Director
  • Program Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Services Director
  • Special Events Director
  • Volunteer Services Director

Are Non-Profit Managers licensed?
Although local or state governments may have their own requirements, non-profit managers are not generally licensed. However, they are responsible to see that their organizations meet local, state and federal requirements for business licensing and for compliance with the purpose for which they were originally chartered and granted non-profit status.

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors and the management team
  • Develop practical managerial skills
  • Understand basic financial and accounting terms
  • Learn the basics of employment law, compliance, and regulatory requirements
  • Understand licensing, permits, and taxes
  • Explore ways to maximize fundraising opportunities
  • Develop a successful leadership style
  • Learn the basics of the budgeting process
  • Gain confidence and improve communication skills
  • Explore the process of negotiating
  • Develop a positive, productive leadership style that will enable you to become a quality manager
  • Understand the financial aspects of a nonprofit organization so you can better achieve your future employer’s goals
  • Learn impactful communication skills that you can utilize in any setting, professional or personal

To enroll in this course, you should have basic keyboarding and computer skills, be comfortable navigating the Internet and using email, and have an understanding of a word-processing computer program (Microsoft Word is recommended).