Call Center Supervisor

Become an Call Center Supervisor

Every call center needs a supervisor to lead and mentor representatives. This 100% online course will help you build the skills you need to advance your career and become a call center supervisor. Key topics include the setting and tracking KPIs, workforce management and coaching techniques.

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Job Outlook for Call Center Supervisors

  • According to the Economic Research Institute, call center supervisors earn a median annual salary of $61,000.

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What does a Call Center Supervisor do?
Call center supervisors oversee a group of representatives. If a customer call is escalated, the  supervisor will handle the issue. Call center supervisors can typically be found on the call floor, assisting and coaching representatives as needed. Call center supervisors typically report into a call center manager.

What are a Call Center Supervisor’s main responsibilities?
Every employer will have a different set of responsibilities for their call center supervisors, but common job functions may include:

  • Training call center representatives to respond to customer calls and troubleshoot problems
  • Dealing with difficult customer calls that have been escalated
  • Monitoring and evaluating representative performance
  • Providing coaching or taking corrective action when needed
  • Learn the essentials of leading a call center team, including performance management, time management, and coaching techniques
  • Understand how to build a quality monitoring form, host calibration meetings, create the voice of the customer programs, quality monitoring programs and interaction analytics programs

There are no prerequisites to taking this course.