Call Center Representative

Become an Call Center Representative

Call center representatives play an important role in maintaining customer service. This 100% online course will help you build the skills you need to start an entry-level career in a today’s call center. Key topics include the soft skills, techniques for helping difficult customers and up-sell techniques.

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Job Outlook for Call Center Representatives

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), call center representatives earn a median annual salary of $35,000.
  • The BLS also notes that customer service is needed in virtually every industry, with most organizations relying on either internal call centers or contracting independent call centers.

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What does a Call Center Representative do?
Call center representatives assist and support customers with questions, concerns or problems regarding a company’s products, services or policies. They speak with callers to better understand their issue and either offer solutions or escalate the issue to the appropriate person. Call center representatives typically report into a call center supervisor.

What are a Call Center Representative’s main responsibilities?
Ultimately, a call center representative’s responsibilities will vary by their employer and the field they work in. However, some common job functions of call center representatives include:

  • Answering customer phone calls and taking the appropriate action to help the customer
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction ratings
  • Staying updated on product or company policy changes
  • Keeping customer records updated
  • Understand functions within contact centers and the metrics associated with performance
  • Techniques for phone, email, chat and social media conversations for consistently positive outcomes
  • Build soft skills for voice control and effective word choices
  • Master proven strategies for handling all types of complicated customer interactions
  • Learn the four steps to increase revenues with customer-focused selling techniques

There are no prerequisites to taking this course.