Insurance Pre-Licensing

Pitt Community College offers a variety of insurance pre-licensing courses that include Life, Health, Medicare Supplement/Long term care, Property, Casualty, Personal Lines, and Adjuster. Students interested in taking insurance pre-licensing courses can choose from two online delivery options: Synchronous or Asynchronous classes. Due to the nature of live classes, the costs of synchronous classes is more than asynchronous classes.

NOTE: The insurance program at Pitt Community College offers classes for individuals who wish to obtain their insurance agent license in North Carolina. The classes provided by Pitt Community College meet the North Carolina Department of Insurance study and educational requirements.  Students must successfully complete the course by completing the required instruction and passing a final course examination. Upon successful completion of a pre-licensing course, students must make application to the North Carolina Department of Insurance to take the state licensure examination for that specific insurance line of authority (property, casualty, life, health, etc.) Adjusters do not have a pre-licensing requirement; however, adjusters are required to take and pass a state licensure exam. Students wishing to be a licensed insurance agent or adjuster in other states should contact the Department of Insurance of that state who oversees insurance agent licenses for their specific requirements.