HRD Course Schedule

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127333Employer Expectations9/3-9/5T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127321Overcoming Job Seeking Barriers & Blunders9/3T8a-12p$70*GCA 109
127326LinkedIn for Job Seekers9/4W8a-12p$70*GCA 107
127338FDIC Money Smart9/10-9/12T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
129569Computer Technology Awareness9/10-10/18TF5:30p-8:30p$125*GCA 107
127341Communication Skills9/17-9/19T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127331Create a Dynamic Resume9/17-9/19TTh8:30a-12:30p$70*GS 403
127345Job Interview Skills9/24-9/26T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
129579Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker9/30-11/2M
$125*GCA 107


127322Overcoming Job Seeking Barriers & Blunders10/1T8a-12p$70*GCA 109
127335Employer Expectations10/1-10/3T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127327LinkedIn for Job Seekers10/2W1p-5p$70*GCA 107
127348Working Smart10/7-10/17M-Th1p-4:45p$125*GCA 112
127339FDIC Money Smart10/8-10/10T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127342Communication Skills10/15-10/17T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
129585Create a Dynamic Resume10/15-10/18TF5:30p-9:30p$70*GCA 107
127346Job Interview Skills10/22-10/24T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127332Create a Dynamic Resume10/22-10/24TTh8:30a-12:30p$70*GS 403
127336Employer Expectations10/29-10/31T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC


129571Computer Technology Awareness11/4-12/2MW8:30a-11:30a$125*GS 403
129582Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker11/4-12/7M
$125*GCA 107
127323Overcoming Job Seeking Barriers & Blunders11/5T8a-12p$70*GCA 109
127340FDIC Money Smart11/5-11/7T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127329LinkedIn for Job Seekers11/6W1p-5p$70*GCA 107
127343Communication Skills11/12-11/14T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127347Job Interview Skills11/19-11/21T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
127334Create a Dynamic Resume11/19-11/21TTh8:30a-12:30p$70*GS 403


127324Overcoming Job Seeking Barriers & Blunders12/3T8a-12p$70*GCA 109
127337Employer Expectations12/3-12/5T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC
129586Job Interview Skills12/9-12/12MWTh5:30p-9:30p$70*GCA 109
127344Communication Skills12/10-12/12T-Th8a-12p$70*CCC

* Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

To qualify for the fee waiver you must meet one of four criteria:

  • Are unemployed or underemployed
  • Have received notification of pending layoff
  • Are working and are eligible for federal earned income tax credit
  • Are working and earning wages at or below two hundred (200%) of the federal poverty guidelines

Job Interview Skills

Would you like to enhance your interviewing skills? We can help by exploring your personal values, work ethic, job interests, job strengths, and long-term career objectives. 12 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

FDIC Money Smart

Money Smart is financial education designed to help those with low to moderate incomes. If you are outside the financial mainstream, we can help enhance your financial skills and create positive banking relationships. 12 hours. $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Learn how to develop an impressive LinkedIn profile, how to enhance your job search, and how to build connections that really matter. Learn to use LinkedIn as a social media tool to expand your reach and connect with decision makers in the workplace. We will cover beginner basics as well as advanced techniques. 4 hours. $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Overcoming Job Seeking Barriers and Blunders

Ever wonder if your resume gets lost or do you question if your application even gets seen? Learn some tried and true secrets of what employers are looking for in an employee. Learn to effectively answer interview questions as they relate to blemishes associated with current and previous situations. You will develop transferable skills, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to set goals. We can also teach you how to overcome barriers both on and off the job. 4 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

 Create a Dynamic Resume

Let us teach you how to create a dynamic resume, define your targeted job and its requirements, highlight skills that get you noticed, populate applications effectively, and create a cover letter that will open doors for you! 8 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Employer Expectations

Our focus is to provide you with employability skills training and increase your ability to get a job, or get a better job. During this course, you will demonstrate the ability to work as a team member. You will also complete vocational and academic assessments. 12 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Communication Skills

Let us help you build valuable interpersonal communication skills. Effective communication skills are important in business interactions and personal interactions. We will focus on the communication skills necessary for job hunting and interviewing. 12 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Working Smart

One of the major reasons why individuals are released from employment, is not because they lack the technical skills to perform the job, but because they lack the soft-skills needed to succeed in the workplace. We can help identify and teach the critical soft-skills necessary for you to be an effective worker and a strong team player in a fast-pace environment. You will learn the importance of personal branding, dealing with stress, how to actively listen, effectively communicate, adjust to change, and problem solve. 30 hours. Cost: $125. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker

Learn the skills and strategies needed to provide employability skills training and career exploration for the role of Income Maintenance Caseworker within Department of Social Services agencies. 45 hours. Cost: $125. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Income Maintenance Caseworker – NCFAST

Learn the skills associated with becoming an Income Maintenance Caseworker. Specific focus will include proficiency in the utilization of the NCFAST application. Other topics will include skills in communication, interviewing, time management, data gathering/compiling, and data analysis. Prerequisite: Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker. 48 hours. Cost: $125.

Six Keys to Self Leadership

Learn to develop the strategies necessary for career growth; whether you are seeking to obtain a better job or wanting to advance in your career. We will teach you how to apply six principles of self leadership to: 1) identify your pitfalls; 2) focus on your unique abilities, skills and knowledge; 3) communicate to build relationships; and 4) use the tools of a self-leader to achieve your potential. 8 hours. Cost: $70. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.

Computer Technology Awareness

Do you need to update your technology skills and become more familiar with computer technology? Learn the basics of how to operate a PC and become more familiar with Microsoft Word to enhance your professional skill set. 27 hours. Cost: $125. Fee waiver available for those who qualify.