Health Care Program FAQ’s

Important Websites

Nurse Aide I – (DHSR): www.ncnar.org
Nurse Aide II – (NC BON): www.ncbon.com
Pearson Vue: www.pearsonvue.com

Please Note:

1.  You cannot register for our Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II, or Phlebotomy programs until we have received a copy of all the required Prerequisites for your program. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.  We do not file the originals of your prerequisites. We file copies. *When we make copies of your prerequisites at the time you are registering for a Health Care Class, we expect you the student to keep up with your originals and to place your originals in a safe place, so that you may locate them later easily for future use.

How old must I be to take a course at PCC Con Ed?

You must be at least 16 years old.
(Note: If you are less than 18 years old you will require a High School Release form).

Do I need any immunizations?

Yes, immunizations are required for:
> Nurse Aide I
> Nurse Aide II
> Phlebotomy

How do I get my Record of Immunizations?

> Your current physician or the Health Department
> Copy of your High School transcript
> Titers can be drawn at your MD office, Health Department, or lab

Who must take the BLS Provider Course?

BLS Provider is a requirement for the following courses:
> Nurse Aide I
> Nurse Aide II
> Phlebotomy

Note: Students may check the BLS Class Schedule when registering for the above classes or locate it on the Health Care web page.

BLS must be completed within 30 days of the first day of class. If a student has already taken BLS they must bring a copy of their current unexpired BLS card.

Who needs to take the Placement test?

> Nurse Aide I Students
> Nurse Aide II Students
> Phlebotomy Students

Student must take the Math and Reading Placement testing as a prerequisite.

To be exempt, the student may submit proof of a passing grade of “C” or better in College Level Math and English course or submit proof of a 2-year Associate or 4-year degree in any curriculum.

What are Malpractice, Accidental insurance, Tech. Fees and Lab fees?

The malpractice insurance is presently $16.00/year. Malpractice Insurance must be bought by any student entering a program in which a Clinical experience is part of the program.

These include:
> Nurse Aide I
> Nurse Aide II
> Phlebotomy

Accidental insurance of $.55, a Technology Fee of $5.00, and a variable Lab Fee per course is paid. Each semester, this is subject to change.

What are the prerequisites for the Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II, Phlebotomy, and Nurse Aide I Refresher programs?

We have Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II, and Phlebotomy information sheets available. The information sheets should be picked up at the Health Care Division, Continuing Education at 3107 S. Memorial Blvd. *Note: Usually students have questions about the prerequisites, so we encourage the student to come in person to get a clear understanding.

How do I become a Nurse Aide I in NC if I was certified in another state?

Certified Nurse Aides certified in other states must be competency tested through ***Credentia/Pearson Vue to be listed on the NC State Registry.***

Active Out-of-State Nurse Aides and N.C. Nurse Aides applying for training waivers – Individuals who have not completed state-approved nurse aide training within the last 24 months and plan to request a training waiver in order to test prior to their listing expiration MAY be approved to register for the N.C. Nurse Aide Competency Exam without additional training. The approval will be for a one-time period of 45 days.  The 45 days will be approved around the desired test date. Individuals must PASS both the written and skills sections of the exam in this 45-day period. Requests for extensions to the 45 days will not be accepted. Waiver applications can be requested by calling 919-855-3969, 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon, and 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Completed applications and required documents will only be accepted by fax or mail.

What are the Uniform/Supplies requirements of the Nurse Aide Programs?

Please visit the Nurse Aide I and Nurse Aide II Uniform and supply list.

When are Nurse Aide I and Nurse Aide II classes offered?

We offer the Nurse Aide I Program in the morning, afternoon, and evening each semester and a Saturday program. We offer the Nurse Aide II Program in the morning and evening each semester. Check the schedule each semester by clicking on the main title of the class at the beginning of the Health Care Web page.

What are the requirements to take the Medication Aide Course?

We require a copy of your driver’s license or a picture ID, Social Security Card, and a copy of your High School diploma or High School Equivalency.

Please note: After taking the NC Medication Aide Program, if you desire employment as a Medication Aide in a (Skilled) Long-term Care Facility, you must be certified and listed on the NC Division of Health Service Regulation, Raleigh, NC as a certified Nursing Assistant I.

How do I become certified as a Medication Aide after completing the program?

After completing the Medication Aide Program, you will be given an application for Exam Testing through ***Pearson Vue in the classroom by your instructor.***
You will be required to mail together in one envelope:

1. Your completed application.

2. A photocopy of your Medication Aide training program completion certificate.

3. Your payment of $55.00. (Note: Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check, or Pearson Vue voucher. No personal checks, credit/debit cards, or cash accepted.)

Please note that the IDs you present at the test site must match your name and Social Security Number that is on your application.

***To Contact Pearson Vue for more information on the Nurse Aide I Program, or the Medication Aide Program please call: 1-888-204-6207 or check their website at: (www.pearsonvue.com)***