Re-credential Policy

NCOEMS Recertification Guide

1. Pitt Community College will continue to provide a process for EMS professionals to re-credential. Mekenzie Newkirk is the Level II Paramedic instructor for Pitt Community College.

2. EMS professionals who need to re-credential (no more than 90 days prior to expiration) can stop by the Greenville Center at 3107 S. Memorial Drive and obtain a copy of their PCC transcript. Transcripts are located at the registration desk. Check the transcript to make sure it is complete and accurate.

3. Bring the PCC transcript and documentation of any other continuing education certificates to the EMS Administrative Assistant located in room 121 of the Greenville Center.

4. Complete the top portion of the Re-Credential Form including name, contact information, dates and whether you want to re-credential under Pitt County, NCOEMS or National Registry standards.

5. The re-credential form, transcripts and any other documentation will be placed in a “pending” file which will be reviewed by Mekenzie Newkirk several times a week.

6. Once the re-credential documents have been reviewed:

  • If your re-credential form is complete, you will be informed by email to make an appointment with ECU BSOM Division of EMS to complete TSOP testing. All re-credential forms will be signed and dated. Appropriate authorities will be notified.
  • If your re-credential form is incomplete, you will be informed by email which courses and/or information is needed.

7. All completed re-credential documents will be kept on file at the college.

8. All incomplete re-credential documents will be returned to the pending file. Once requirements are deemed complete by the EMS professional, they will be reviewed again.

It is not the responsibility of Pitt Community College to record, track or document any continuing education not provided by the college.

Pitt Community College will do its best to provide the continuing education, both mandatory and optional, needed for EMS professionals to obtain their minimum of 24 hours per year and the 96 hours over 4 years. It is not the responsibility of Pitt Community College to provide mandatory or topic specific continuing education in the time frame between your application to re-credential and the expiration date.