Contractor/Trades Course Schedule

120195Shielded Metal Arc Welding9/8-10/27Sa8a-4p$185.55MW 101
121447Lead Renovation Paint and Repair9/20Th8a-5p$195Ayden VT
N/AGeneral HVAC Maintenance9/22-10/27Sa8a-4:30p$130.55KVW 105
121164Intro to AutoCAD10/8-10/24MW6p-9p$75GS 402
12144816-Hr Electrical License Renewal11/30-12/1FSa8a-5p$75Ayden VT

Pre-Licensing trade classes are available on demand! Call Gail Nichols at 252.493.7625 or Wendy Dunbar at 252.493.7528 if interested.

Lead Renovation Repair & Painting Certification

Become certified in lead-safe practices! You will be able to renovate, repair or paint a pre-1978 dwelling. Instructor: Ray Hardee. 8 hours. Cost: $195

Electrical License Renewal

This course provides the 8 or 16 hours of continuing education required by the North Carolina Electrical Board to maintain a current electrical license. Instructor: Ray Hardee. 16 hours. Cost: $75

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Level I

Explore a basic introduction to TIG, Fillet Welds, Butts, and lap joints. You will learn to weld a T-Joint and corner as well as a Flat V-Groove and numerous positions. You will also be introduced to Aluminum. Instructors: Kirk Newkirk and Robert Jimenez. 60 hours. Cost: $342.25

Blueprint Reading

Get introduced to the basic principles of blueprint reading. Topics will include line types, orthographic projections, dimensioning methods, and notes. Upon completion, you should be able to interpret basic blueprints and visualize the features of a part. Instructor: Kim Gaylord. 12 hours. Cost: $75

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Learn more about the SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) process. Emphasis is placed on padding, fillet, and groove welds in various positions with SMAW electrodes. You will also be introduced to the oxy-fuel cutting equipment with emphasis on straight line, curve, and bevel cutting. Upon completion, you will be able to perform SMAW fillet and groove welds on carbon plate with prescribed electrodes as well as be able to oxy-fuel cut metals of varying thickness. Offered in English and Spanish. Instructor: Charles Newkirk. Location: MW 101. 60 hours. Cost: Call Gail at 493-7625 for cost info.

GMAW (MIG) Plate Welding

This course introduces metal arc welding processes. Topics include equipment setup, fillet, and groove welds with emphases on application of GMAW electrodes on carbon steel plate. Upon completion, you should be able to perform fillet welds on carbon steel with prescribed electrodes in the flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead and flat groove. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required. Taught in English and Spanish. Location: MW 114. 60 hours. Cost: $314.86. 


This class will teach basic education in Animal Science and how the animals raised for meat consumption provides a stable source of protein for people. We will provide full training for butchering several different kinds of farm raised animals; cattle, lamb, pigs, goats and chickens. You will learn about the necessary equipment to field dress an animal, how to maintain your tools, how to market the meat products, and current trends in the meat industry. You will also learn how to properly sharpen butchering knives. Using a commercial vacuum system, you will vacuum seal the meat you cut. You will need to wear closed toe boots, long pants, and long sleeve shirts. Layered clothing is recommended due to the cold freezer. You will share the purchase of the meat for butchering and will take the meat home for personal use. Location: Coalition for Healthy Eating Community Food Hub in Bethel, NC. Taught in English and Spanish. Cost: $425.35

General HVAC Maintenance

This class will provide training in basic diagnostics and basic maintenance for residential HVAC systems. You will need to wear closed toe boots and long pants. You will also need safety glasses and mechanic gloves. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify and live in the city limits of Greenville. Contact Gail Nichols at 252-493-7625 for more info. Location: KVW 105. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55

Intro to AutoCAD

Get introduced to basic 2D drafting commands through AutoCAD software. Topics include orthographic drawing, editing drawings, file management, layout, scaling and plotting files. Upon completion, you should be able to produce and plot a 2D mechanical or architectural CAD drawing. DFT 151 Information packet and AutoCAD 2019 textbooks required for class. Approximately $61 in PCC bookstore. Instructor: Kim Gaylord. 18 hours. Cost: $75