***Spring classes resumed March 23. Extracurricular activities, however, remain suspended until further notice. Be advised many PCC employees are teleworking to reduce social interaction. For general information, call the PCC Student Coronavirus Hotline at (252) 493-7245, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.***04

Construction Trades Course Schedule

All trades classes are suspended through the end of May. Please continue to check the website for further updates. Contact Gail Nichols via email at gnichols@email.pittcc.edu for any questions.

132521HVAC Preventative Maintenance5/30-7/11Sa8a-4:30p$130.55KVW 103
135798Shielded Metal Arc Welding6/1-7/29MW5:30p-9:30p$185.55MW 101
136063Framing & Carpentry6/2-7/30Sa8a-4:30p$130.55CIT
136097Plumbing Fundamentals6/6-7/18Sa8a-4:30p$130.55KVW 105
136143Basic Electrical Wiring Level I6/6-8/1Sa8a-2:30p$130.55CIT 133
132520CFC Refrigerant Certification8/8-8/29Sa8a-4:30p
*8/29 class meets 8a-12p
$75KVW 105A


Pre-Licensing trade classes are available on demand! Call Gail Nichols at 252.493.7625 if interested. Learn more about Construction Trades here.

Lead Renovation Repair & Painting Certification

Become certified in lead-safe practices! You will be able to renovate, repair or paint a pre-1978 dwelling. Instructor: Ray Hardee. 8 hours. Cost: $195

 16-Hr Electrical License Renewal

This course provides the 8 or 16 hours of continuing education required by the North Carolina Electrical Board to maintain a current electrical license. Instructor: Ray Hardee. 16 hours. Cost: $75

Electrical Wiring

This class will provide you with a basic understanding of Electrical Wiring in relation to Residential Construction. Instructor: Isaiah Summrell. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55

Basic Electrical Wiring – Level II

If you have taken Basic Electrical Wiring – Level I and are looking to continue your learning, this class is for you! We will build upon the skills you learned in Level I as they relate to bending pipe, as well as running conduit. Instructor: Jeff Vaughan. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55

Framing & Carpentry

Learn the basics of framing by building a shed. You will learn how to read a tape measure and some basics of blueprint reading, as well as safe practices in building. You will also be taught the necessary codes to build to code. Instructor: Steve Jordan. Tuition aid is available for those who qualify. Instructor: Steve Jordan. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Learn more about the SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) process. Emphasis is placed on padding, fillet, and groove welds in various positions with SMAW electrodes. Upon completion, you will be able to perform SMAW fillet and groove welds on carbon plate with prescribed electrodes. Offered in English and Spanish. This course serves as a prerequisite for taking the AWS D1.1 Certification. (This test carries an additional charge.) Instructor: Charles Newkirk. 72 hours. Cost: $185.55.

GMAW (MIG) Plate Welding

You will be introduced to the metal arc welding processes. Topics include equipment setup, fillet, and groove welds with emphases on application of GMAW electrodes on carbon steel plate. Upon completion, you should be able to perform fillet welds on carbon steel with prescribed electrodes in the flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead and flat groove. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required. Taught in English and Spanish. Location: MW 102. 96 hours. Cost: $185.55. 

GTAW (TIG) Plate Welding & Welding Blueprint Reading

You will be introduced to the gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding process. Emphasis will be placed on advancing skills with the GTAW process, making groove welds on carbon steel plate and pipe in various positions. Upon completion, you should be able to perform groove welds with prescribed electrodes on various joint geometry. The blueprint portion teaches you the welding symbols and their application. We will cover visualization of objects and shapes, reading the blueprint for finding size and location dimensions, symbols, mathematics notes and related welding and assembly information shown on the print. Long pants and steel toe shoes are required. Taught in English and Spanish. Instructors: Charles Newkirk and William Fillmore. Location: MW 121 and 101. 96 hours. Cost: $185.55. 

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Are you interested in learning about refrigeration concepts? Through hands-on training, you will learn basic diagnostics and preventative maintenance for residential HVAC systems. A CFC certification will be offered to those who pass the EPA exam. You will need to wear closed toe boots and long pants. Also required are safety glasses and mechanic gloves. Instructor: Sam Ristow. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55

CFC Refrigerant Certification

You will learn the requirements for the EPA certification examinations. Topics include small appliances, high pressure systems, and low pressure systems. Upon completion, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of refrigerants and be prepared for the EPA certification examinations. Prior HVAC knowledge is required. Instructor: Sam Ristow. 18 hours. Cost: $75

Plumbing Fundamentals

Learn the basic fundamentals of plumbing. We will cover tape measure reading and plumbing materials and tools; plumbing safety; pipe and tubing, copper fittings, PVC materials and uses; soldering practices; valves and application. You will learn the basic installation and repair of plumbing fixtures. Instructor: Buddy Lewis or Douglas Long. 48 hours. Cost: $130.55