Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Program

PCC is proud to now offer our new Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program. Our CDL program will be a total of 160 hours taught over the course of 4 weeks in a series of classes. The first 100 hours will be in the classroom; the last 60 hours includes student observation and behind-the-wheel driving time.

Daytime and night time driving is required, so class times will vary from week to week. Hours can range from 7 am to 5:30 pm in the classroom with observation and nighttime driving hours varying from until 2 am.

Cost of the program is $2,435.95. This includes all materials and instruction (and $125 for the required pre-screening process). Pre-screening fee is nonrefundable. Students must pass all aspects of the pre-screening process to continue with the program.

Students can also expect to pay an additional $160 for their permit and license, which will be paid directly to NC DMV during the course.

The first class will begin on Monday, May 20. The first 16 students to register with the program will receive $500 tuition assistance!

Please contact Gail Nichols at 252-493-7625 or Wendy Dunbar 252-493-7528 to register.