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Community Programs

Pitt Community College is committed to truly being the community’s college. As part of this effort, we hold students and community engagement as a core value. An important part of this effort is expanding educational programming and services to all sectors of our community. We do this in two main ways…through our Outreach Program and through our Off-Campus Programs.

Outreach Program

We have a College Outreach Program department focused on identifying educational and workforce development training needs throughout Pitt County and to referring potential students to services provided by the college.

The focus of the Pitt Community College Outreach Program is to identify educational and workforce development training needs throughout Pitt County and to refer potential students to services provided by the college. Assessing the needs of the diverse population in Pitt County, the College Outreach Program along with other college personnel and agencies within the community will refer students to the appropriate educational and workforce development options and support each individual.

There are several major components to the delivery of Outreach Services:

  • Personalized assistance with admissions and registration
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Faculty and student progress checks
  • Community-based volunteer program
  • Effective media awareness campaign

Outreach Program Contact

Ernis Lee, Outreach Program Director

Off-Campus Programs

We also have an Off-Campus Programs department that manages off-campus locations such as the Bernstein Center (located in northern Pitt County) and the Farmville Center (located in the town of Farmville), while also identifying and assessing needs of other communities in Pitt County and working with various PCC departments and divisions to offer instruction, services, and resources at off-campus locations. The mission of the Office of Off-Campus Programs is to extend the educational programming and services of Pitt Community College to all areas of Pitt County.

Farmville Center

Find out more about the Farmville Center.

Bernstein Center

Find out more about the Bernstein Center.

Off-Campus Programs Contacts

Dr. Kristin S. Braswell, Dean of Off-Campus Programs
PCC Greenville Center, 252-493-7260 
Starlena Fornis, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
PCC Greenville Center, 252-493-7260