College Signs Service Agreement with AMEXCAN, Inc.

AMEXCAN Executive Director Juvencio Rocha-Peralta (left) and PCC President Lawrence Rouse sign a memorandum of understanding that will serve as the foundation of an educational partnership between Pitt and the local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the area's Hispanic/Latino community.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College and the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc., (AMEXCAN) are partnering to increase and improve educational and life enrichment opportunities for the local Hispanic/Latino community.

On April 30, PCC President Lawrence Rouse and AMEXCAN Executive Director Juvencio Rocha-Peralta signed a memorandum of understanding calling for Pitt to provide programming and services that assist AMEXCAN clients with overcoming education and employment barriers.

“We have partnered with AMEXCAN on a variety of partnerships over the years, including community enrichment, hands-on courses in various trades, and admissions information sessions,” said Dr. Johnny Smith, PCC Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement. “This renewed commitment, along with our Achieving the Dream efforts, demonstrate Pitt Community College’s ongoing dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion. It also strengthens our relationships with Hispanic/Latino students, adult learners and community partners.”

Per the agreement, PCC will offer courses at the Bernstein Center in Greenville and other off-campus locations, provide instructors and appropriate instructional materials, and assist AMEXCAN clients with the college’s enrollment process. Pitt will also provide educational support services to students and keep them informed of pertinent college news and information.

For its part, AMEXCAN will help PCC identify students interested in participating in programming, ensure a safe and inviting learning environment for students and instructors, coordinate with college personnel regarding facility availability, and hold students accountable for adhering to the PCC Student Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures. The organization will also participate in a joint advisory board comprised of PCC and AMEXCAN personnel that will meet regularly to review and strengthen the partnership.