Cisco Networking Academy Recognizes PCC Instructors

PCC Information Technology instructors Joseph Jeansonne and Shelley Allen received certifications from Cisco Networking Academy this spring in recognition of teaching excellence.

WINTERVILLE—A pair of Pitt Community College Information Technology (IT) instructors have been recognized by the Cisco Networking Academy for outstanding performance.

According to PCC Computer Technologies Chair Greg Robison, Shelley Allen and Joseph Jeansonne earned prestigious Cisco certifications this spring, after receiving outstanding feedback from student surveys concerning their presentation ability, participation encouragement, and how confidently students would recommend their classes to peers.

“Shelley and Joe have completed an extensive and rigorous training program and have been recognized as experts in the field of networking education,” Robison said.

Allen, PCC’s Cisco Local Academy director and IT: Network Management instructor, was named an Advanced Level Instructor. The certification means she placed in the top 25 percent of instructors globally with regard to student feedback and performance.

“Being granted an award based on student feedback and performance outcomes is a very positive and affirming experience for me as an educator,” Allen said.

Along with serving as “validation of an instructor’s hard work, dedication and passion for teaching,” Allen says certification can serve as a reminder of the impact instructors have on their students and provide motivation to continue striving for teaching excellence.

Jeansonne, instructional coordinator of Pitt’s IT: Cybersecurity program, was recognized as an Expert Level Instructor. That means his achievements were among the top 10 percent of instructors globally, based on student feedback and performance.

“Since the late 90s, when I began my IT career journey at Pitt Community College as a student, the Cisco Academy curriculum has repeatedly given me the technical knowledge to manage our IT systems and the tools required to be a leader in the IT education field,” Jeansonne said. “It is a great honor to be recognized, and the recognition is a testament to the quality of the education we provide here at PCC and to the quality of our students.”

Jeansonne, a Certified CyberOps Associate with a master’s degree in digital communications from East Carolina University, has served in his current role the past seven years. All told, he has 27 years of experience in the IT field, including 20 as a PCC instructor.

Robison says the certifications Allen and Jeansonne earned represent their “commitment to continuous learning and improvement” and “dedication to providing high-quality instruction” to students.

“Continual training is important for many reasons, especially in today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving world,” Allen said. “It is essential for instructors to remain effective in their role and provide a high-quality learning experience for their students. It’s also important for personal and professional growth, career advancement and staying relevant in the industry.”

Started in 1997, the Cisco Networking Academy works in partnership with 29,300 instructors at 11,800 academies in 190 countries to deliver curricula as part of an overall effort to create a pipeline of IT and cybersecurity talent ready to innovate and shape the future.